Monday, June 08, 2015

The important message sent by the depraved crimes depicted in Game of Thrones and Outlander

The last couple of weeks on cable television's most popular shows have featured a smorgasbord of stunning violence.

Heiress to Winterfell Lady Sansa Stark is brutally raped on her wedding night by the psycopathic Ramsay Bolton.

Preteen Princess Shireen is lashed to a stake and burned alive -- by her father, Stannis Baratheon.

Highlander Jamie Fraser is viciously tortured and then raped by Captain "Black" Jack Randall.

The outcry from each fictionalized incident was as predictable as it was pathetic.

Not because the depictions weren't shocking and cruel: they were.

Because true outrage should be reserved for the very real, very depraved actions that are occurring not in some mythical setting but on our planet, now.

In today's Middle East, crimes against humanity are occurring on a daily basis with nary a murmur from Hollywood, the Democrat establishment, the feminists or the progressive movement.

In the ongoing Muslim civil war, children are crucified on a regular basis.

Girls as young as eight years old are routinely raped and sold as sex slaves in open markets.

Other children are buried alive or beheaded.

An estimated 30 million human beings around the world are currently living in slavery.

In its ongoing civil war, Syria employs chemical weapons on a routine basis. The death toll from the Syrian conflict alone is approaching a quarter of a million. Another four million Syrians have fled the warzone and are living as refugees.

The left may be capable of marshalling a Twitter campaign in a show of short-lived, faux outrage (remember last year's #BringBackOurGirls?), but when it comes to real action they are AWOL.

So the faux outrage over Hollywood's treatment of Sansa Stark and company rings hollow.

Truth is indeed stranger than fiction.

And for the left, fiction is more real than truth.

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AnechoicRoom said...

"Syria employs chemical weapons on a regular basis." And then, cite CNN, as source/confirm? Jiminy.

You're better than that, Sir.

Sure, it's possible, even likely. Someone, at sometime, in Assad's camp, used chem. With, or without Baby *sshat's directive [or permission (and the single most likely cause, of any such useage].

But, having spent an unusual amount of time, oer the years. Looking at, analyzing faux Palliwood vids [hint> they are ALL faked, Every single last f*cking one. As in EVERY ONE! And most definitely ... Including the one, Chucklehead Odorama, was using as justification. To go to war, with Syria (back when ... "Red Line.")]. If you go through, all the accounts, of chem, in Syria. Look at the timelines, locales, parties involved. JPEG's (not vid), hospital accounts/symptomology, radio chatter. And of course, video "evidence" proffered?

You come up ISIS [whether they are using found/seized Assad (ex-Saddam?) cache/s. Or doin' a lil home cookin'/improvising].

Every fookin' time (but then, I'm repeating myself). And ... it doan take no x'purt, to figgur teengs out. No. It. Does. Not.

Blah blah (buh) blah ... ymmv