Monday, June 15, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Resign yourself to not having Barack Obama to kick around very much anymore

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Resign yourself to not having Barack Obama to kick around much anymore: Moe Lane
Clinton Cash: an Update: Scott Johnson
George W Bush patiently explains the facts of life and war to his successor.: Moe Lane

Former Obama Chief of Staff Had No Idea Clinton Used a Private Email Server: WFB
Hillary watch party less well-attended than her Ethics board meeting: Doug Powers
Will Michael Oren Change the Jewish Vote?: Roger L Simon

Negotiating a Disaster: William Pollack
Is It Just Me or Does Hillary Talk Like a Robot? : Fred Schwarz
Four Weeks Later: Waco Police Narrative Unravels: Breitbart

Hillary Announces Plan to Be Barack Obama's Third Term: Scott Shackford
Democratic Party Now Literally Selling Hate: Dan McLaughlin
Perfect Meme: Transracites Rachel Dolezal and Elizabeth Warren: YoungCons


California Senate Approves Free Health Care for Illegal Aliens: Debra Saunders
The Intellectual Weakness of The Fourth Estate: Ace
Greece and creditors fail in 'last attempt' to reach deal: Reuters

Scandal Central

Passing for Black: Top Tips from Transracial Icon Rachel Dolezal: Milo Yiannopoulos
This Is Why Fake Black NAACP President Rachel Dolezal Was Outed by Her Parents: Sara Noble
Spokane NAACP Members Start Petition to Topple Rachel Dolezal!! Protests to follow!!: Sooper


Move Over Drudge — “BadBlue” is Successfully Reinventing the Way People Find News: LibertyNews
Dolezal in 2010: I’d Be ‘Nervous’ to Go to a Tea Party Rally Because of All-White Crowd: NRO
Larry Elder: Conservative blacks long accused of ‘trying to be white’: Twitchy

Salon: Tea Party Gets It Right–Crony Capitalism Is How You Beat Hillary: Breitbart
‘The end': Hillary account asks for ‘favorite’ part of announcement speech: Twitchy
Chris Wallace shuts down Clinton spox on Hillary’s hypocritical wage gap rhetoric!: Scoop

The Left Can’t Handle An Inconvenient Truth: Kimberly Ross
Associated Press Uses Two Very Different Headlines For Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina: Joshua Riddle
National Media Video Accidentally Catches Contraband Being Smuggled Into New York Prison: Treehouse


Insider Book to Reveal Roots of Obama's Israel Antipathy: Tova Dvorin
Britain PULLS SPIES From Hostile Countries After Russia And China CRACK SNOWDEN FILES: Sooper
Live Free or Die Beheaded: iOTWreport

Madrid’s Newest Cultural Program: Anti-Semitism?: Walter Russell Mead
'Barbie is a threat to Islam': Matzav
Muslim persecution of Christians worsens in Palestinian territories, Israel: Ralph Sidway

Second Major Hack Steals 3 Million Files of Those Seeking Security Clearances: Ace
‘No Complete Strategy’ in Iraq, But Embassies Getting Complete Movie Channel Packages: Pamela Geller
British Waterpark Bans Women From Wearing Bikinis And Other ‘Non-Sharia Compliant’ Swimwwear: Shoebat

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

"Life on Bitcoin": Pymnts
Millions Of Mayflies Create Blizzard-Like Conditions In Pennsylvania: BuzzFeed
Scientists emerge from isolated dome on Hawaii volcano slope: Cathy Bussewitz


“Perception Is Reality”… Really? Or Perceptually?: MOTUS
FLAG DAY: Old Glory's 238th Birthday: Lid
Traps!: Donald Sensing

Image: How Many Attended Hillary’s Campaign Reset? Deceptive Camera Angles Help Hillary! (event)
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QOTD: "Madrid’s new lefty government is off to an interesting start. The new head of the city’s culture department recently tweeted: “How do you fit five million Jews in a SEAT 600 [the Spanish version of the Fiat 600]?” Answer: in an ashtray." --Walter Russell Mead


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