Friday, June 12, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: Jeff Sessions Issues Final 'Critical Alert’: Obamatrade Just Like Amnesty, Obamacare

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Sessions' 'Critical Alert': Obamatrade Just Like Amnesty, Obamacare: Matthew Boyle
ObamaTrade Relaxes Visa Process for... Pakistan: Daniel Horowitz
GOP Leadership Staff Melt Down over TPA: CR

Obama's trade package barely advances in razor-thin House vote: Susan Ferrechio
34 Courageous Conservatives Wound Obamatrade in Runup to House Vote: Breitbart
If you don’t like GOP opposition to TPA and TPP, thank Leadership: Neil Stevens

The OPM Hack Isn't Bad. It's Catastrophic.: Ace
The No Scandal Administration: Joe Cunningham
King v. Burwell Pits Rule Of Law Against Rule By Decree: John Daniel Davidson

Into The Soft Abyss: The Camp of the Saints
Hillary Clinton Needs A Do-Over: Jonah Goldberg
Freddie Gray Case: Did Prosecutor’s Request Lead to Confrontation?: Andrew Branca

Why America Hates The GOP-Obamatrade Deal: Michelle Malkin
Clinton Deploys ‘They Hate You’ Strategy: Mona Charen
Lindsey Graham: Socialist Ratcheteer: Jeffrey Lord


'You're Fired - Now Train Your Much Cheaper Foreign Replacement': Michael Snyder
Obamacare Rates Jump an Average 12 Percent for 2016: Thomas Novelly
‘This means war!’ Chicago teachers prepare for battle with Rahm Emanuel: Victor Skinner

Scandal Central

Paul Ryan mimics Pelosi on Obamatrade: ‘It’s Declassified And Made Public Once It’s Agreed To’: Breitbart
America’s strategic infrastructure compromised by Clinton pay-to-play?: 1776 Channel
Paul Ryan Pulls a Pelosi: iOTWreport

It Begins… Obama Moves to Forcibly Diversify Wealthy Suburbs: GWP
Report: Hack of government employee records discovered by product demo: Sean Gallagher
OPM Hackers Stole Data on Every Federal Employee: Dustin Volz

Climate & Energy

UPDATE! BOLO Alert!: Mark Steyn


An Open Letter to President Obama: Charlie Daniels
The New York Times’ Rubio Derangement Syndrome: Roger L Simon
Finally: GOP Looks to Squeeze the IRS: Daniel Davis

Bill Clinton contradicts Hillary on email claims: Fox
Russ Feingold, campaign finance ‘reform’ hypocrite.: Moe Lane
Super-competent Janet Napolitano protecting UC students from talk of American exceptionalism: Michelle Malkin


Existential Threats To America: David Limbaugh
Death by Lashing: Saudi Arabia: Raif Badawi and the Travesty of Justice in Saudi Arabia: Salim Mansur
U.S., Russian aircraft came within 10 feet over Black Sea: CNN

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Obama’s Gun Speech Gag Order: Retaliation Against Group Suing Government: Sean Davis
US Army set to give soldiers a robot arm for shooting: DailyMail
The Death of the 20th Century Business: Matthew Griffin

The Universe: Big Bang to Now in 10 Easy Steps: Denise Chow
Meet the Egyptian Repairman Who Outranked Google: Search Engine Watch
Report: Apple Includes Palestinian Flag Among New iOS 9 Emojis: David Daoud


Hard Choices, Hard Blows: MOTUS
Parents Come Forward To Out Local NAACP President As White: iOTWreport
The 11 most traumatizing TV episodes of all time: K. Thor Jensen

Image: Paul Ryan Pulls a Pelosi
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QOTD: "It’s [Obamatrade] declassified and made public once it’s agreed to." --Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), on the secret Obamatrade bill


Barry Popik said...


Thanks to dedicated conservatives, big labor and even Nancy Pelosi, there has been at least one small victory today. I'm told that there has just been a defeat in another vote.

We must not forget the RINO Republicans who sold out this country. They must go, every single one of them. Paul Ryan must take his million-dollar Eric Cantor-like job. I hope he'll be happy selling out his true Republican supporters for cash. Charles Krauthammer, George Will, Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh must all go.

Jeff Sessions must be our next president.

Bob Belvedere said...

Thank you very much, Doug.

That picture of Mzzz. Paul Ryan is dead-on-balls-accurate - RYAN/JENNER 2016!