Sunday, June 14, 2015

Is Ted Cruz Too Smart to Be President?

By Dan Friedman

Consider this a free seminar on the intricacies of enacting a trade deal in Congress.

Only last week the media was all atwitter about Cruz jumping the Conservative ship, and voting to support (parts of) Obama’s pacific trade pact. This is complicated stuff, and not very sexy. You simply can’t explain it with a sound bite. But listen to this twenty-minute radio interview with Cruz as he brilliantly breaks down his position and in the process teaches us a lot about foreign trade, the Congressional process, and himself.

People who question Ted Cruz’s “electability” are missing the point. The question isn’t whether or not he can win, but what happens to us if he doesn’t.

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Anonymous said...

The very fact that he trusts Obama to negotiate a good trade deal raises questions in my mind.

Anonymous said...

I was in support of Ted Cruz's presidential bid until I read his WSJ editorial co-written with Paul Ryan. Since learning about some of the aspects of this frightening, secret, sovereignty surrendering, UN-constitutional travesty, I no longer trust Ted Cruz.

I'm too smart to vote for Ted Cruz now.He served me a S^%T sandwich and tried to tell me that I would love it.

The republican party seems to believe that the United States of America needs to be "...fundamentally transformed". Tell me, based on what they have done versus what they said they would do: How are they any different from the democrat-socialist party?

They all suck.

Anonymous said...

Get a fork, he's done.