Monday, June 22, 2015

Larwyn's Linx: I Am Profoundly Tired of This Crap

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I Am Profoundly Tired of This Crap: Michael Bane
So What Do Liberals Actually Want To Do About Guns?: David Harsanyi
U.S. attorney chills Reason-able speech: Glenn Harlan Reynolds

Hillary Clinton’s History With The Confederate Flag: Bre Payton
Friend Says Roof Settled for Church Because it was a Gun Free Zone: GJWHG
Emails Show Gruber Conspired with White House On Obamacare: Lid

Levin: Boehner’s Retaliation Against Conservatives Means Open Warfare: Breitbart
Rep. Jason Chaffetz Turns Leadership Lapdog and Attacks Conservatives: Erick Erickson
Ted Cruz’s Father Fires Up Campaign Rhetoric: Janet Hook

Reading Tea Leaves on the 2015 Supreme Court Term: Dan McLaughlin
Court Victory Gives Puerto Rico Permitless Concealed and Open Carry: Concealed Nation
Defaulting on Personal Responsibility: Debra Saunders

Scandal Central

Hillary: 'Clinton Cash' Full of Wild Inaccurate Allegations, a Partisan Axe: Breitbart
Email Shows Sidney Blumenthal Advising Hillary on How To Spin Qaddafi’s Fall: Debra Heine
Probe of Hillary Clinton pal Huma Abedin ordered by federal judge : Jim Kouri

Climate & Energy

CA Water Board Prioritizes Fish Over People: Josephine Djuhana
Oh, Noes: Global warming will shrink loaves of bread: Marathon
How climate-change doubters lost a papal fight: WaPo


Obama Prefers the Lie to the Truth: Erick Erickson
Vox Explains: Israel Is The Worst: David Harsanyi
CNN Panel Discusses Troubling Polling Numbers for Clinton: WFB

The Confederate Battle Flag: Erick Erickson
‘Zero Respect For What You Did’ – How I Pissed Off Jake Tapper: Sooper
Hypocrisy of 'New York Times’ Over Temporary Work Visas: Newsweek

Charleston rejects racial hatemongers with #GoHomeDeray Twitter campaign: RWN
Classy: AP Runs Photo With Image of Gun Pointing Directly at Ted Cruz’s Head: JWF
Dear Everyone, Get Over Yourselves: Derek Hunter


House Intel Chair: We Are ‘Facing the Highest Threat Level We Have Ever Faced’: Sara Noble
What the Obama worshippers missed: Richard Baehr
Get ready for Gaza Flotilla III: LI

Russia – The Horseman Of War: NoisyRoom
Turkey Catches Two Men Smuggling 1.2 kilos of Radioactive Material: Treehouse
Looming Grexit prompts bank run: Deutsche Welle

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

That Ancient Martian Ocean? It Might Have Been Frozen.: Maddie Stone
Is Getting Old A Disease?: Alexandra Ossola
In Sweden, blood donors get a text whenever they save a life: Geek


The Art of the Con, by Donald Trump: Kevin D. Williamson
“No More Single-Stack CCW For Me”: Bearing Arms
NSA Failures Expose Yet More Secrets, Endanger Millions: Patrick Watson

Image: Hillary Clinton’s History With The Confederate Flag
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Isn't it time for a real conservative? Ted Cruz 2016: Official Site

QOTD: "Former ambassador [Michael Oren] has revealed in his new book what most Israelis and many Americans now know to be true: that U.S. President Barack Obama abandoned Israel ever since the beginning of his term in 2009, and that the breach in U.S.-Israel relations is primarily his doing. In fact it was a deliberate policy to create distance between the United States and Israel, since the president was far more interested in making nice to the likes of Iran and the Muslim Brotherhood, and the Muslim world in general...

...None of this should have been a surprise to anyone who honestly explored Obama's history before he became president. That of course excludes the likes of New Yorker editor David Remnick who managed to miss all the essentials despite a multi-pound tome that later filled many remainder shelves. Why would Obama and his family have remained in the church of anti-Semitic, America-bashing Rev. Jeremiah Wright for so many years? What exactly were the connections between Obama and Ali Abunimah, the co-founder of the Electronic Intifada website, or between Obama and Professors Rashid Khalidi and Edward Said? How much of Obama's autobiography did he write himself and how much was it the work of far more than "casual acquaintance on the street" Bill Ayers, the former domestic terrorist? When Obama declared that his presidency would be transformative, he meant it." --Richard Baehr


taqiyyologist said...

Doug this needs a post of its own, let alone a Linx headline.

Read the comments, too. Much insight for the Gospel-inclined.

Barry Popik said...

Mitch McConnell treason day is upon us on Tuesday. Right on cue, there's a distraction (Confederate flag). If the TPP passes the Senate on Tuesday, the Republican treason and betrayal of its base will be complete.

If Ted Cruz votes the wrong way again, he's through...Will Rush Limbaugh even talk about the TPP during his three hours in Tuesday?