Sunday, March 27, 2011

And Now: A Brief Vignette From the White House

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Old Fan said...


This is simply outstanding.

No wonder why DR is the finest.

How about Obama trying to 'diss' and separate his use of military force from the success which liberated Iraq?

Do Democrats really believe the American People are that stupid?

Up is now down, and the MSM is in favor of the use of US military force again?

No hyper focus on troops taking photos with their 'kill' or the many coffins coming home?

And they all try to project Iraq as if we are still fighting an out of control war there? Hello?

With Hillary Clinton calling the dictator of Syria a "reformer"?

What a complete joke...

You could not make it up, or that 'smart power' could look anymore foolish - but it is sinking like a rock even further.