Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Slate Kook Dave Weigel Extremely Worried That the Actions of Governors Kasich, Scott and Walker Will Hurt the GOP in 2012

Some crackpot at Slate named "David Weigel" -- if that is his real name -- is concerned that the brave and necessary actions of Republican governors like Wisconsin's Scott Walker and Ohio's John Kasich will harm the GOP brand in '12.

Yes, seriously.

[Florida Governor Rick] Scott [is] pissing off too many people -- the Orlando-Tampa train he'd killed was popular -- and Democrats could win back independents in 2012, saving the state for Barack Obama.

Shhh... no one tell Weigel that the Governors' terms are only two months in and they are simply dealing with the results of Obama's failed policies.

You know, like the wonderful job the president has done with his "Stimulus" package, "Cash for Clunkers", "financial reform", the unlawful takeovers of GM and Chrysler, his "laser focus" on jobs, "Quantitative Easing", his brilliant outreach to the Muslim world, and his uncanny dedication to lowering his handicap.

Walker, Scott, and Kasich are doing exactly what they should do, and exactly what Barack Obama did in 2009. They won power; they're using the power to push through structural political and economic changes that
will be hard to reverse. They're making the same bet Obama did -- if they do this, the economy will rebound, and their political opponents will have been weakened in a way they may never recover from. If the economy does rebound in 2012, they're going to be in better shape politically. But so will Obama. In the long run, breaking down the power of public unions is going to help Republicans in Ohio and Wisconsin. In the short run, if it fires up activists and alienates independents, it puts the next GOP presidential candidate in a tougher spot.

Eh, schmuck -- you better hope for your own family's sake that these heroic GOP governors succeed and that a conservative Republican wins the presidency in 2012.

This country is bankrupt. It is teetering on the brink of economic catastrophe. And that's not me opining, that's anyone who knows what a Ponzi scheme is.

I'll take my chances with the heroic governors like Kasich and Walker who are doing the thankless job that must be done, rather than kicking the can down the road.

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Jeanne Patterson said...

Arrrgh! The ad between this post and your next one says "Fight Global Warming - Click Here for More Tips" sponsored by the Ad Council and e (small e) Environmental Defense - Finding The Ways That Work. I almost clicked on it by accident.

Jaded said...

Weigel is the pimply faced loser that WAPO hired to speak on Conservatives...ROTFLMAO!!!! he was the "journolister" to abused Conservatives in his emails to the other leftist "journolisters". He is nothing, he really is waste of space and when the net pays him the attention he deserves NONE, he will slither away back to his den.

Trust me, he is no Conservative, hell he could barely be called a Republican, though he chooses to think he some kind of Brooks, crease in the pants, Noonan, swooning over the education of Obama type of Republican. You know, the kind that will be in history books in about 20 years when the TEA Party Conservatives have saved America!

Jeff said...

Yeah, this isn't wishful thinking or anything. I'm sure Weigel is genuinely concerned that those "ratfuck" Republicans are hurting their electoral prospects.