Monday, March 21, 2011

RED ALERT: Son of Wisconsin Activist Judge Has Anti-Governor Walker Propaganda Littered Throughout His Facebook Page

And I do mean "RED".

Last Friday Wisconsin Judge Maryann Sumi, breaking all court precedent, overruled the electorate, the Wisconsin state legislature and Governor Scott Walker by issuing a temporary restraining order that prevented implementation of the state's new public sector employment law.

Earlier today the invaluable RedState reported:

Judge Maryann Sumi should have recused herself entirely from the Wisconsin battle due to her inability to be neutral in this case. You see, Maryann Sumi has a clear conflict of interest. Her son is a political operative who also happens to be a former lead field manager with the AFL-CIO and data manager for the SEIU State Council. Both the SEIU and the AFL-CIO have members who are public-sector employees in Wisconsin. In fact, as a federation, the AFL-CIO can boast of several member-unions that represent public-sector employees. Maryann Sumi is hardly an unbiased judge in the matter.

Not only that, but Jacob 'Jake' Sinderbrand is a virulent anti-Walker campaigner. Consider, for example, his Facebook page.

Sinderbrand's Marxist crew is linked throughout.

The material is so offensive that it wouldn't surprise me to find out that members of Sinderbrand's posse are among those issuing threats to Wisconsin's legislators and Governor.

Long story short: Judge Sumi has a dog in the hunt.

She's a disgrace for not recusing herself and should be recalled or removed from office if the law permits.

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VaGal said...

What!!??!! A lefty judge who uses their position to push an agenda and has no ethics? I am shocked! Geesh. All one has to do is scratch at the surface of the scab that is the left and you will quickly discover the festering puss underneath.

Anonymous said...

I cannot understand why anyone with even a rudimentary knowledge of history would be a communist. They have an unbroken record of repression, crimes, mass murder, poverty and serfdom.
I detest the Bolsheviks. Long ago in a faraway place called Viet Nam Uncle Sam gave me a wonderful tool for dealing with them: The M60 machine gun.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and Dick Cheney's daughter's a lesbian but I don't see Cheney embracing gay and lesbian rights. There's a fissure in your logic: just because her son is liberal doesn't mean she is. Goodness, if we were all judged by what our kids have on their facebook pages imagine the kind of totalitarian state we'd be in! Yes, let's round up the judge based on what her son thinks. By that logic, Ronald Regan Jr. proves that his esteemed late father was a crazy liberal.

The ruling violated the Wisconsin open meetings law. Wisconsin is a state that is dedicated to transparency in government, and this meeting violated that. This doesn't have to do with republican vs. democrat (see this article, by a centrist, to learn all about how republicans helped give wisconsin unions more rights:

Anyone who thinks that the government should have LESS power (that would be you, tea-partiers and republicans) should be outraged with Walker's behavior.

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of decent republican state workers (police, firefighters, farmers, teachers) who are outraged at the Wisconsin senate's behavior and Walker's law. This is not a partisan issue, this is a state issue. Anyone who is from Wisconsin knows that. I'm a republican but I'm voting democrat next election. I'm appalled at Scott Walker's tyranny. If you want a totalitarian dictatorship, you have one in Walker. If you hate Bolsheviks and commies, you hate Walker. This isn't about red vs blue, it's about not letting the gov't control our lives. Jeez, are you all McCarthy supporters or something?

Matt said...

Is there such a thing as a "seminar commenter"? Cuz if there is, I'm pretty sure Anonymous at 9:29 am is one.

"I'm a republican but I'm voting democrat next election. I'm appalled at Scott Walker's tyranny."

Sure you are, sweetheart.

MJ said...

Why cant anonymous post his name? Is it because he is with that group 'anonymous?'
Why do liberals ALWAYS ONLY take up for left wing, anti-American, pro-sicko causes?

Anyway, why am I not shocked over the actions of this judge..

Why can't these Bolsheviks GET that the PEOPLE do not have the $$ to pay these hefty union wages?

And, paying to teachers that really are only interested in indoctrinating their children with hatred, anger, Communism.

My only relief is that when THEIR kids get older.... Lets just say; paybacks a b*tch.