Monday, March 14, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Democrats Distilling Down To Anti-Democracy Anarchists

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Democrats Distilling Down To Anti-Democracy Anarchists: Strata
World in Crisis, Obama Hits Links: Pundette
The Arrogance and Hate of Congressional Democrats: RWN

Rep. Tim Huelskamp Stands Tall in Budget Showdown: RedState
Saturday at the Recall Petition ‘Drive Through’ in WI: PJM
Call an ambulance for political correctness: Malkin (Powers)

Muslim gangs in MN grow more dangerous: Atlas
Palin Best Postioned to Beat Obama: Con4Palin
More Palin Hate: 'She's... Al Sharpton, Alaska edition': Politico


Welfare Gone Mad: Virtuous
A Very Modest Victory in Wisconsin: NRO
An Unbelieveably Foolish Editorial On Wisconsin: Riehl

Brokeback Mountain of Debt: Steyn
LeakS: BofA Emails Show Intent to Deceive Govt., Auditors: ZH
Tea Party hating by the pro-union protesters: Althouse

Climate & Energy

Shining a Spotlight on Obama Energy Lies: BigGovt
‘Drill, Baby, Drill’ Says… Bill Clinton?: Malkin
High Energy Prices Are Obama’s ‘Explicit Policy Goal,’ Inhofe Says: CNS


Poll Confirms America’s Entitlement Culture…Even Among Tea Partiers: BigGovt
MSNBC Admits Left Protects Obama Because He Is a Black Liberal: Moonbattery
Why Does Barack Obama Get A Pass On Bradley Manning, Liberals?: RWN

Liberals — lording it over lesser beings: RWN
Nick Kristof Bashes America's Teachers: Caller
Time Magazine Headline: 'Wisconsin's Governor Wins But Is He Still Dead Man Walker?': NewsBusters

Freudian Slip: Chris Matthews Calls Obama 'President Carter': NewsBusters
That George Will, He Can Sure Pick 'Em: Riehl
P.J. Crowley resigns over Manning remark: Politico


Japanese Government Confirms Meltdown: Stratfor
Japan Earthquake: Before and After: ABC Australia
Japanese Tsunami Survivor Found Floating On His Roof 10 Miles Out At Sea: Mediate

Al-Qaeda Launches 'Jihad Cosmo' Women’s Magazine, Mixes Fashion Tips With Suicide Bombing Advice: WZ
Stunning New Footage Of Incoming Tsunami: ZH
Gold, Silver Surge At Open Of Electronic Trading: ZH

Killing of family was "state instigated" terrorism by the palestinian authority: WinterSoldier
Fogel Family Massacre Video Removed From YouTube: GWP
More great moments from the Palestinian national cause: Jodysseus

A Winning Plan for Netanyahu: Talk Directly to the American People and Congress: Glick
Israel May Have as Much Oil As Saudi Arabia: Lid
Rick Santorum: Sharia is "evil", "incompatible with American jurisprudence and... Constitution": JihadWatch


Incalculable danger: WORM
It’s about time New Jersey deregulated all telephone and cable TV services: RWN
Nope, Google Is Not Launching Its Own Social Network: Insider


This Week in Automotivators: RWN
Milton Friedman on Socialism: Pundette
Boulder (Hoover) Dam is 75 Years Old Today: iOTW

Image: Sad Hill News
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