Monday, March 14, 2011

Democrat Chickens Come Home to Roost: Oil Prices Expected to Jump Again as Japan's Demand Skyrockets With Its Nuclear Facilities Offline

Why is America the only country in the world that restricts access to its own abundant natural energy sources? I keep asking that question and not one Democrat has ever answered it.

Well, as Obama's beloved preacher used to say, "America's chickens are coming home to roost."

Stratfor Research is predicting that Japan will have to dramatically increase its importation of oil and natural gas, of which it is wholly dependent upon foreign sources.

Stratfor estimates that roughly one-sixth of Japan's generation capacity is currently offline, much of it permanently.

Even before this news broke, Americans supported more offshore oil drilling by a 66 to 25 margin.

Can I just say it one more time? Everything the Democrat Party touches turns to crap. In fact, you can't name any program that a Democrat has created -- any one! -- that isn't a complete cluster. And their policy of preventing Americans from tapping our own rich energy reserves is literally choking the economy at the worst possible time.

So every time you fill up your gas tank, thank a Democrat.

Hat tip: Stratfor Research.


Zilla said...

I put my last ten dollars in my gas tank today, so I my car wouldn't run out. I got a not even three fricken gallons, in fact it was just a little over 2 gallons. Barry is KILLING ME!

Jeanne Patterson said...

You owe me a new screen with that photo.