Sunday, March 13, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: If Ya Can't Beat 'Em, Extort 'Em

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If Ya Can't Beat 'Em, Extort 'Em: Malkin (Powers)
WI Senate Leader Reminds Fleebaggers That They're Disgraces: WZ
Suspect ID'ed In Wisconsin GOP Death Threats: GWP

Lest We Forget... Taking Zac: Dewey
DOJ compels police to lower testing standards: WZ
Murkowski: I’m against defunding Planned Parenthood: Cubachi

Too Many White Guys: Former Spook
Allen West criticizes military diversity report: Cubachi
Santorum distinguishes himself: JihadWatch


Obama's Social Security Hoax: Hammer
Wis. Unions Bully Local Businesses With Ultimatum: NiceDeb
Predictable: MI Teachers' Union Plays Race Card: BlogProf

Rand Paul: About a woman's right to choose...: Cubachi
Outrage! US Government Funding La Raza with Your Tax Dollars: HE
Amazon cuts off IL suppliers to avoid new taxes: CanBiz


Japan just lost 20 percent of its electric generating capacity: Cringely
Second Reactor in 'Partial Meltdown': Ace
Japanese Officials Presume Two Partial Meltdowns Have Occurred: Patterico

Climate & Energy

The Green Dream Is an Economic Nightmare: AT
The lies of liberal Nancy Skinner: we can’t drill because 'we just don’t have the oil': RWN
Obama Blames Oil Companies For Lack Of Drilling: IBD


Paul Krugman: America's Not Broke - We Can Still Borrow Money: NewsBusters
12 Death Threat Photos Against Gov. Walker and WI Republicans You'll Never See in Legacy Media: ProWis
Krauthammer vs. Totenberg: Why Does NPR Have to Live on ‘Tit of the State?’: Blaze

New York Times: What Did The Raped 11-Year-Old Girl Do To "Draw" These Men Into the Assault?: Ace
That temperament thing: Pundette
That was then, this is now: Sondrakistan

How come MSNBC, Pelosi aren’t mocking Muslim Rep Keith Ellison for publicly crying at House hearing?: RWN
Activists in 23 States Coming Together in Texas to ‘True The Vote’: Publius
HuffPo Ends Its Liberal Soundtrack, Publishes Breitbart Essay Defending NPR Sting: Mediaite


Obama Closely Monitoring Japan, Egypt, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Wisconsin and Soaring Gas Prices: Powers
Believe it or not: Libya, Iran and the U.N. CSW condemn Israel's treatment of women: TPC
Chechnya: Muslims attack women with paintball guns for "immodest" dress: JihadWatch

We need more hearings on Islam: West
CAIR Demands Enforcement of Islamic Blasphemy Law (Sharia) in California: Atlas
Over a dozen states now moving to ban Islamic Sharia law: JihadWatch

Palestinian Terrorists Stab 3 Israeli Children and Baby to Death While They Sleep, Gazans Celebrate: WZ
Progressives Won't Condemn Savage Massacre of Jewish Family: AmPower (Caution: Graphic)
Egyptian Army Attacks Christian Monastery and Fires Live Ammunition At Monks: BigPeace


Lost city of Atlantis, swamped by tsunami, may be found: Reuters
How Blogger Stung Undercover Federal Sex Sting: TSG
The Hectic Life of a Social Media Manager: Daily Infographic


Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Nuclear Meltdowns, and Hockey: It’s All About the Wons: MOTUS
What Do We Do Now?: iOTW
Clyburn and Farrakhan -- In Concert Live, Together: WZ

Wait til your father gets home: Sondrakistan
The Onion spoofs Hot Air: Hot Air
The Kinks: Get Back in Line: Marathon

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1 comment:

Old Fan said...

I heard the disastrous PJ Crowley is gone now from the State Department.

The question remains, when is Hillary going?

She has been just as pathetic...

So has Holder, Napolitano, Sebelius, Salazar, etc.

This Clintonian rerun is a joke.

Smart POWER is an utter failure.