Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's First Two Years a Disaster for America

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Obama's First Two Years a Disaster for America: AT
An Open Letter to Harvey Weinstein : Knish
The Justice Department Fix Is In: Adams

Pence: 'Better to shut the government now...': Cubachi
A simple reason not to shut down the government?: RWN
Do labor unions deserve special treatment?: Power Line


The Triumph of Crony Capitalism: Mises
California Moves Closer Toward Default: BigGovt
Idiot Leftists Boycott, Vandalize the Wrong Bank: GWP

The Fragility of Complex Societies: Hanson
Health Care Waivers For Everyone!: Reason
Unions Use Kids As Shields in WI: RWN

Climate & Energy

Governor Palin: The $4-Per-Gallon President: Con4Palin
Global warming down under: 10 little facts: WUWT
New Light on “Hide the Decline”: ClimateAudit

Senate Democrats scramble to defend EPA: Politico
Does Obama Think I Drive a Bugatti Veyron?: Malkin
Scouts Get Kellog’s To Limit Use Of Palm Oil: RWN


Japan: Vast Devastation: Boston Globe (The Big Picture)
Al Jazeera Explains What A Fukushima Meltdown Would Look Like: ZH
Japan reactor design caused GE engineer to quit: Reuters


The Stench in Here Is Terrible: Zombie
Shame: Ignoring Death Threats to Wisconsin Politicians Is Media Bias: HuffPo
For first time, you online news consumers outnumber those newspaper readers: the impact on politics: LAT

Hope. Change. Nixon.: Surber
Obama’s Refusal to Provide Records on Healthcare Meetings Should Sound Alarms: BigGovt
Krugman Admits He Lives in a Bubble: BigJourn

Rush Limbaugh Warns GOP Leaders: The Tea Party ‘Made Your Leadership Possible’: Mediaite
We're All Golf Widows Now: AT
Wanda Sykes: 'Has Obama Had One Relaxing Day Since He's Been In Office?': NewsBusters

The Politico Wonders “Where’s Waldo, Er, Obama?”: RWN
“Political violence,” like the violence sometimes perpetrated against abortion providers?: Troglo
The 25 Best Conservative Columnists Of 2011: RWN


Israel Demands Apology From CNN: BigJournalism
Don't Let Them Sweep this Horror under the Rug : Zilla
Security forces move to clear out Bahrain protesters: Maktoob

Young Leaders of Egypt's Revolt Snub Clinton in Cairo: Tapper
The Great Food Crunch: Samuelson
Chavez Rails Against the Boobs: Fausta

From Bloomberg to NPR: Selling out to Shariah for Fun and Profit: AT
In Iran, the Despots Grow Desperate: PJM
One Lone Student Against Terror at Claremont McKenna: BigPeace


Apple Accused of Slowing Web Apps to Benefit App Store: Wired
New Twitter Stats: 140M Tweets Sent Per Day, 460K Accounts Created Per Day: Crunch
You Really Should Be Turning Off Portable Electronic Devices On Planes: Consumerist


Feed Your Family on $10 Billion a Day: IowaHawk
Hoax of the decade? Fake Times Square video iPhone hacker a strong contender: Sophos
Bobby Unser vs the Feds: Foundry

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Zilla said...

Thank you for including me in today's Linx, Doug.

Old Fan said...

Great links, thanks to LL.

I wanted to add one, with great cynicism:
"Levin to Rubio: Why Don’t You Run For President?"

It is fun, great humor, but this is the same one who once slandered the authors of Powerline over a disastrous offering in Delaware.

The fashion push of Levin grew to such absurdity, he helped weaken the good cause, and enabled the opposite. He did the same after 2004.

Now, he offers a youthful Senator who has absolutely no CEO experience - on par with a number of other professional politicians who have no experience running-managing anything. Not wise.

Sure, I think RUBIO is outstanding, but the fashion game amongst Our finest Celebrity Conservative sideline players remains counter productive.

Where is the real Conservatism?
Where are the real WFB leaders?