Saturday, March 19, 2011

JudicialWatch: Misunderstanderers of Islam Recruiting Youngsters to Slaughter Children of Non-Believers

JudicialWatch has released documents it obtained from the Defense Department that detail an organized campaign by Islamofascists to recruit children and to launch terrorist attacks against the children of "non-believers".

• Extremist groups in Saudi Arabia and Yemen used religion as the main mechanism for recruiting juveniles. Extremist groups preferred juveniles who were poor or involved in illegal activities since they made easy targets for recruitment.

• Extremist groups are not looking for a particular characteristic in a recruit, but prefer juveniles who are poor or are involved in drinking and drugs. The juveniles are looking for happiness and fulfillment in their lives, and they have not found it. For these reasons they are susceptible to being brainwashed by extremist groups.

• No juvenile has resisted taking part in an operation. Most juveniles are eager to participate after hearing a religious speech given by one of the trainers at the camp.

• The Terrorist and Extremist Groups (TEGS) justify their attacks on young children (ages 5 through 17) by claiming that the children are either non-believers or children of non-believers. The attacks on children are deliberate actions.

• The attacks on children are psychological operations against non-believers to prevent them from organizing against the TEGS. The TEGS attack schools and buses to maximize psychological effect. Attacks against children in schools and buses are used because they are easy targets. The attacks are conducted to show non-believers how little the TEGS think of non-believers’ lives who are against Islam.

• The TEGS consider attacks on children legitimate. The TEGS believe the attacks on children are a religious good deed and attackers will go to heaven. The TEGS encourage their members to launch attacks on children.

• Juvenile females are recruited into the extremist groups, but not for operational purposes. The juvenile females become brides for extremist members.

If you're waiting patiently for America's un-indicted co-conspirators like CAIR to denounce these 7th century barbarians, I'd advise you not to hold your breath.


Zilla said...

This is why they celebrated after they slaughtered the little Fogel children, including a sweet little baby.

Doom said...

Their understanding of psychological operations is part of their problem. I wonder if their homosexual and otherwise pedophile tendencies dictates their targets. Having no children available scares them and they think this scares everyone else. Just... a thought.