Monday, March 14, 2011

Stop-action Photos: a Disaster of Biblical Proportions

Dan from New York:

The AP describes this as an amateur video "that captures the force of the tsunami's arrival in Japan. The waves devastate entire blocks in Miyagi Prefecture, with some residents narrowly escaping..."

It’s astonishing the rate at which powerful political and physical upheavals have been coming at us. Makes me wonder whether there’s more going on here than meets the human eye.

Gizmodo calls this video "the scariest first-person video of the tsunami yet."

The only adjective I can come up with is remorseless.

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Anonymous said...

Now go back and watch it again keeping an eye on the yellow awning across the street. The water goes from 0' to about 14-15 feet deep in less than five minutes. Absolutely incredible.

Shayne said...

What blows me away is how whole buildings were carried away as if there were made of plastic.

Anonymous said...

Okay, Let me get this straight –

In the middle of a major disaster scenario in Japan that shows everyone why they should have a gun to protect their family And there is the continuing story from the Middle East were the right of self defense – from the government – is also aptly demonstrated.

We have Obama coming out with another incremental “Commonsense” gun grab.

Yeah, Obama we’ll give up our guns, cause disasters NEVER happen and Governments never become Totalitarian.

Sure, good plan!