Saturday, March 12, 2011

Larwyn's Linx: The ATF Lied, Mexicans Died

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The ATF Lied, Mexicans Died: TL in Exile
WI: Orgy of Death Threats and Pledges of Violence: RWN
Spencer Coggs – Socialist Affiliated Wisconsin State Senator: NR

Letter to Leadership to Defund ObamaCare Immediately: RedState
Tea Party group: CR must cut $105B from Obamacare: Hill
Bachmann increasingly serious about presidential bid: CNN

Moonbat Justice: Pedophile Cannibal Murderer Paroled: RWN
Palin's 'Weeks of Terror': Con4Palin
Cain: "What part of broke don’t they understand?": Cubachi


Wisconsin Unions Threaten Businesses: BigGovt
Jesse Jackson Jr. Violates His Oath of Office: RWN
A Good Summary of Government Unions: Boortz

Crony Capitalism: How a drug goes from $10 to $1,500: Howling
Government Shutdowns and Death Threats--Bring It On: NMJ
Homework: write letters supporting teachers' union: WyBlog


Meltdown May Be Underway; Reactor Containment Dome Blown Away: Ace
Red Alert: Nuclear Meltdown at Quake-Damaged Japanese Plant: Stratfor
Fears of meltdown calm after explosion at Japanese nuclear plant: Globe & Mail

Climate & Energy

Grist: Japanese Earthquake And Tsunami “What Climate Change Looks Like”: RWN
Greenie Tsunamania: Your Brain on Environmentalism: AmSpec
Pielke Defends Congress's legislated obsolescence of the incandescent light bulb: Cato


Will Obama condemn the violent rhetoric by Wisconsin Democrats?: WashExam
Arianna Huffington to Bill Keller: Who you calling 'Oxpecker'?: CNet
The Smartest Administration in History: Driscoll

Michael Moore Film Used Non-Union Labor: S&L
A Wired World In Its Own Mirror: Belmont Club
Murkowski Lied, Now Babies Will Die: RedState

PolitiFact Has A Serious Problem, But I Repeat Myself: LegalIns
Author: ‘Third Terrorist’ Arrested in Quincy, Mass.: BMW
The Face Of Progressivism: Students Take Part In “I Have Sex” Video: RWN


A European's Warning to America: Hannan
Obama: Gee, it would be easier to be President of China: Hot Air
Horowitz takes on Muslim students at Brooklyn College: NoisyRoom

German authorities: fictional American 'atrocities', radical Islamic preaching led to Frankfurt shooting: PJM
Clapper Believes Russia, Not Terrorism, Poses 'Mortal Threat' To US: BlogProf
Bill Maher Debates Islam With Democratic Muslim Congressman: RCP


My Visit to An American Rare Earth Metals Mine: PopSci
Did Chrysler overreact to accidental f-bomb tweet?: Ragan
Twitter tells third-party developers to stop building clients: CNet


'Starting From Zero': Driscoll
The Objectivist with the Dragon Tattoo: PJM
Blacked up, bow tied: Eva Braun in party mood as ictures of Hitler's mistress are unearthed: Daily Mail (UK)

Image: Daily Bayonet.
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Great roundup as always. I'm really glad to see TL's post at the top, it truly is a MUST READ.