Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Ford to surpass GM in car sales for the first time in 80 years; coincidentally, Obama announces government will buy huge fleets of 'green' cars

Our auto insider Deep Volt writes that the real GM fireworks could start on Friday.

...GM market manipulation really lies in their incentive juicing and I think on Friday when they announce the March sales numbers, we'll see some real evidence.

Rob Port at SayAnything had a good post on the incentives a few weeks ago - General Motors Taking Advantage Of Government Restructuring To Offer Lower Prices? But GM said they got rid of these high incentives for March

So, March is coming to a close & it was time for GM's cars to stand on their own.  Edmunds predicted Ford sales will be higher than GM's. According to the Detroit Free Press: "Ford hasn't outsold GM regularly since the heyday of the Model T."

If the Edmund's prediction are on target, GM lost to Ford as soon as they stopped artificially juking their numbers with massive incentives.

In other, other words: the GM vehicle lineup does not look like it can stand on its own and it is likely we will see them ramp up incentives again.

Or just have the biggest and most powerful corporation on Earth -- the Democrat-controlled federal bureaucracy and unofficial fourth branch of government -- start juicing sales... starting with the troubled Volt.

Please consider "Obama says government will lead by example, purchase only 'green' vehicles by 2015":

President Barack Obama this afternoon outlined his new energy plan, vowing the government will lead by example in an attempt to reduce foreign oil imports by one-third over the next decade... he said that by 2015 the federal government will purchase only "alternative-fuel" vehicles, including hybrids and electrics...

"We’re going to have to find ways to boost our efficiency so that we use less oil. We’ve got to discover and produce cleaner, renewable sources of energy that also produce less carbon pollution that is threatening our climate. And we have to do it quickly."

Actually, it will be the taxpayers, not Obama, forced to lead by example as the out-of-control bureaucracy sinks more of our childrens' borrowed money down the global warming rat-hole.

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