Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Anti-Boehner--Pelosi 'Drove Health Care Down GOP's Throat'

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Anti-Boehner: Pelosi 'Drove Health Care Down GOP's Throat': Riehl
Allen West: Why I voted against the CR: Cubachi
Clear Evidence of Vote Fraud in NM: Patterico

The 'Untouchable' $23.6 Billion: Foundry
RINOs anonymously slamming conservatives to media: RS
Should illegals be able to sue the government?: RWN

MI: Two Dems Charged With Forged Ballot Paperwork: GWP
The Match Up: Palin vs. Christie: ConNJ
Nevada Dems hiding their desperate schemes: RWN


Ryan: No More Empty Promises: NRO
U.S. Debt Adds $72B Same Day House Votes to Cut $6B: CNS
Inflation Caused by Bernanke's Easing May Doom Dems: Tapscott

AFL-CIO chief wants to get into elementary schools: Noisy
TSA Unionization: Exercise in Political Back-Scratching: BigGovt
No Recession at the Post Office: BlogProf

Interior Secretary Caught Lying About Drilling Permits?: Tapscott
Alan Greenspan: Stimulus hurt recovery: CNN
Class warfare update: Schakowsky wants millionaire tax: Marathon

Climate & Energy

Japan, the Persian Gulf and Energy: Stratfor
The EPA is Fueling Nonsense: Foundry
Why Is NASA Hiding James Hansen’s Ethics Records?: PJM


Obama’s Preacher: Black Liberation Theology Is Marxism; Capitalism Is Demonic: GWP
People Are Starting to Notice: Power Line
Activists and Crawlers: Tatler

Reporter Asks Carney About Situation in Japan: Got Me Dude, “You Have Reporters in Japan”: WZ
Four New York Times journalists missing in Libya: Malkin
My Prez wants to party all the time, party all the time, party all the ti-ime: Toldjah

Why They Really Fear Sarah Palin, And Why She Should Run: Riehl
Just a Video Reminder: Lefty Protesters Hate America: RWN
Celebrating James Madison: Cato


The REAL Big Oil: Hayride
Obama to Japan After Earthquake: Our Friendship Is “Unshakeable”: WZ
A Detailed Look At The Spent Fuel Rod Containment Pools At Fukushima: ZH

Bomb hidden in Islamic religious tome explodes on investigators: GWP
11-year-old brutally murdered by jihadists: 'Love everyone': JihadWatch
UK Death Panels in Action: Hospital Refuses to Treat Baby Because it Was Born Prematurely: WZ


With hacking, music can take control of your car: ITworld
US Army to deploy Individual Gunshot Detector, essentially a radar for bullets: Engadget
iPad 2's weight loss secrets bared: CNet


White House Insider: "Something Was Not Right with This President: NewsFlavor
Making It Big: Lame Cherry
Other?: RWR

Obama Reflects On His Vacation, Er, Presidency – A Picture Story: SHN
Obamas Make History with Bold Choices: MOTUS
100 Great Quotes About Life And Living: RWN

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Anonymous said...

All of this coming out about project gunrunner makes you wonder if this type of thing was done on the Northern side of the border.

Just spit-balling here but think about the possibility that if certain people were allowed to purchase guns when they should not of been allowed to, couldn’t that of been the case with the shooter in Tucson?

Just suppose that the skids were greased so that Loughner was enabled to carry out his plot.

The ATF let certain people take guns across the border, it’s conceivable they could have let the nutcase in Tucson access to a gun to produce their own little Reichstag moment.

The Democratic Party was certainly able to get a lot of mileage out of that incident; it was certainly a fortuitous event for them.

Old Fan said...

Riehl is utterly nonsense.

This is the one who once claimed the likes of Powerline were in a secret cabal with Karl Rove.

He also lied about a vote in Congress regarding a candidate in Delaware - or was too ignorant to actually understand the simple vote to end the Democratic Partisan nonsense in the House.

Linking Riehl-nutty is more of a sign of a bad habit, stuck on mindless fashion, which is entirely unhealthy and far from serious "conservatism".

Follow fools like this, you end up walking off a cliff...