Thursday, May 05, 2011

The price of border insecurity: Hezbollah operating across the border from San Diego, infiltrating U.S. communities

ABC-10 in San Diego offers another ominous report from the border.

[Hezbollah] has established another home base across the border in Mexico [and] is far more advanced [than Al Qaeda].

"Their operators are far more skilled … they are the equals of Russians, Chinese or Cubans," he said. "I consider Hezbollah much more dangerous in that sense because of strategic thinking; they think more long-term... "They have had clandestine training in how to live in foreign hostile territories," the agent said... [and] Hezbollah is partnering with drug organizations... He told 10News the group receives cartel cash and protection in exchange for Hezbollah expertise.

"From money laundering to firearms training and explosives training," the agent said.

For example, he tracked, along with Mexican intelligence, two Hezbollah operatives in safe houses in Tijuana and Durango... Why have Americans not heard more about Hezbollah's activities happening so close to the border?

...According to the agent, the organization sees the U.S. as their "cash cow," with illegal drug and immigration operations. Many senior Hezbollah leaders are wealthy businessmen, the agent said.

"The money they are sending back to Lebanon is too important right now to jeopardize those operations," he said... The agent said the real concern is the group's long-term goal of radicalizing Muslim communities.

"They're focusing on developing … infiltrating communities within North America," the agent told 10News.

Rep. Jeff Duncan (R-SC) reinforces the necessity for a U.S.-Mexico border fence.

We have evidence that Hezbollah is active in Mexico... Recently, there was an explosion that killed several people in Mexico. The bomb used was an improvised explosive device like those seen in the Middle East. Hezbollah and the Mexican drug cartels are working in tandem. This is not good news for Americans.

Given Eric Holder's tacit support of terrorism -- from his pathetic law firm to his insistence that terrorists be tried in civilian courts -- perhaps we know why Operation Gunrunner was funneling weapons to points south.

Because he wanted them there.

It's time to build a damn fence already. It's downright criminal that the one thing the federal government is supposed to do -- protect American sovereignty -- it won't do.

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ironhorzmn said...

Obama won't build a border fence to keep people out; but, like his ideological predecessors, he'll eventually have no problem building a fortified and patrolled border to keep people IN.