Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Larwyn's Linx: EXPOSED: White House Had Advance Warning of Libyan Terror Threat

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EXPOSED: White House Had Advance Warning of Libyan Terror Threat: RSM
Requests for increased security in Benghazi before 9/11 denied by WH: PW
Did the White House order a cover-up in Libya?: Telegraph

Barack Obama Is An Anti-White Racist: Hawkins
Gloves Off: Romney Ad Hammers Obama on Taxes: Breitbart
Side-by-Side Comparison of Obama’s ‘Race’ Speeches: Bruce

A Few Debate Questions for Obama That Won’t Be Asked: Malkin
Is the Swing State Story a Big Media Fairy Tale?: Sundries
Hillary to Issa on BenghaziGate: Can't You Wait Until... November?: Hot Air


Biden's Idiocy Indicts Himself and Obama -- Again: WS
The Youth Misery Index Goes Up By 26% Under Obama: Exam
The Audacity of Hopelessness: Steyn

Obama Attacks Romney As Tax Hiker On Middle Class: IBD
Under Obama, Poor, Middle Class Incomes Fall Sharply: IBD
SEIU Boss: Yep, We Do Use Union Dues to Buy Democrats: LUR

Trickle Down and Tax Cuts: Williams
The Quiet Californians: Hanson
Study: Obama's Spending Plan Raises Middle Class Taxes: WS

Scandal Central

A Guide to the Obama Administration's Five Major Scandals: PJM
Shifting Libya attack story raises red flags: USA Today
Is This The Most Criminal Act In Obama’s Criminal Presidency?: Waznmentobe

Climate & Energy

Voltonomics: A Detailed Analysis of the Chevy Volt's Profitability: Sen. John Blutarsky
Chevy Volt Leases Costing Taxpayers $10 per Gallon of Gas Saved: NLPC


Blackout! Big Three Ignore Major New Findings in Fast & Furious Scandal: MRC
Caddell Continues Attack On Bias, Likens Media To Pravda: RCP
Jon Stewart Tears Into Obama Admin’s Contradictory, Uncoordinated Response To Libya Attack: Mediaite

ABC's Stephanopoulos Leads Post-Debate Media Spin for Democrats: NB
Full 36 minute Obama speech scrubbed from the Web: Riehl
Ex-Obama Czar on Granholm's DNC Speech: 'Must Have Had Some Medications or Something': WS


Iran Nearing Economic Collapse?: Mead
Obama waives sanctions on countries that use child soldiers: ForPol
2 US border agents shot, 1 killed, near major drug corridor in Arizona: Fox

Barack Obama Gets The Highly Coveted Hugo Chavez Endorsement: RS
Diplomats asked repeatedly for more security before Libya attack, lawmakers claim: Fox


Don't Bet on a Hewlett-Packard Comeback: BizWk
Analyst Says TV Programming Price Increases Are Unsustainable And “A Train Wreck In The Making”: TechCrunch
SHA-3 Winner Announced: Slashdot


"Hello, you’ve reached the White House. I’m not home right now. But I’m voting for Obama": MOTUS
This Is the T-shirt Obama Would Wear If He Wore T-shirts: IMAO
Exciting Announcement: Today, I Am A Staff Writer.: Sundries

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QOTD: "What? Children going hungry in Ohio? More than 70 percent of students in Bucyrus schools qualify for free or reduced lunches?

Is this the Hope or the Change?

Bucyrus, Ohio, is not a squalid inner-city ghetto. This is a small town about midway between Columbus and Toledo, in a county with a total population of less than 44,000, about 97 percent white. If the economic news is this bad in Bucyrus — unemployment stuck at 8 percent, one-third of children on Medicaid, 70 percent qualifying for free or reduced school lunches — how on earth can anybody be deceived into the belief that Obama’s policies are making things better for Ohio?

And if I can see this just by picking up a local paper in Ohio, how has it escaped the notice of those who control the Conventional Wisdom?" --Robert Stacy McCain

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