Saturday, December 08, 2012


Ever seen these numbers on your pay stub? The numbers I've highlighted?

That money is being taken from you -- or, more properly, it's being stolen from you -- to fund a myth. A mirage.

You're never going to see a dime of that "Social Security Retirement Insurance" you're paying for.

You'll never a see a nickel of that "Medicare Health Care Insurance" either.

That money is being taken from your pay -- your livelihood -- to fund a system that will be bankrupt in less than a dozen years.

Oh, and it's not me saying that: Medicare’s own actuary, Richard Foster, is. Social Security is in a similar situation, according to Treasury Secretary Timothy F. Geithner, who serves as the system's senior trustee.

Suffice it to say that these systems will actually go broke far sooner than anyone's really admitting because the economy remains poor and appears to be slowing down even further.

My public service message is this: this money is being taken from your pay in exchange for a promise that will be broken in just a few years. You'll never see that money again. And it is the government -- the government, not "the rich", not the Koch brothers, not the oil companies -- that is ripping you off.

It is the government, not corporations, spending untold billions on "green energy" scams like Solyndra. It is the government, not "the rich", slathering EBT-welfare cards around like confetti. And it is the government, not "the Tea Party", that is promoting illegal immigration and offering huge financial benefits to those in the country illegally. All with your money.

Unless you like being ripped off every week, I'd recommend you get involved in returning government to its rightful and proper role, which includes having Washington spend within its means -- like all of us must do to survive.

After all, it's your money.


Anonymous said...

"And it is the government ... that is ripping you off."

And if you are on Social Security, you are complicit in this theft.

If - before this post - you didn't realize it was theft; then, maybe, you we're unknowingly receiving stolen "goods".
But, now that you know, you're KNOWINGLY receiving stolen "goods".
And, if you voted based on a candidate's ability or willingness to keep Social Security as is; then you're a mob boss directing his goons who to steal from and how much.

The second worst part is that the government that initiated this theft -- with the blessing of most, but not all -- has, in the process, created a situation where people receiving Social Security (or Welfare, or Disability) may have no options but to keep receiving it. That is, to continue stealing.

The VERY WORST part is that the Gov't has been stealing so much for so long that there's literally nothing left to steal. For years now, the Gov't has been stealing from overseas as well. Hence, the debt.

saltwn said...

If I was the devil, I'd promote the idea that elderly people who worked all their lives paying into a retirement program, were thought of as pariah and dirt under the feet of the few people still working after a union busting crusade under the false moniker "right to work, which was really a phrase encompassing rights to change labor laws to help the big business and squelch the voice of the average worker".
If I was the devil, I'd hire propagandists and pay them tons of money to divide the country then blame that division on any sane voices that cried from the deluge.
If I was the devil, I'd start with disallowing opposing voices to be heard on national media, allow 3 companies to buy up thousands of media provider outlets and form their own agenda.
If I was the devil, I'd pay off a Supreme court judge or two to rule that a corporation was a citizen with all the rights of an American citizen.

directorblue said...


Conservatives are the ones trying to save the Social Security system.

It's going bust.

But maybe you're not a math major.

Big government has bankrupted every program it's touched.

As for unions, if they're so freaking great, why can't I have the choice whether to join or not?

Oh, that's right: unions are actually a front for the Marxist-Socialist-Fascist movement.

Anonymous said...


You ARE the devil --- and you haven't done any of those things.

You're slipping.