Tuesday, December 04, 2012

ARTIST'S CONCEPTION: How President Obama Will Honor Kate Middleton and the Royal Birth

The Looking Spoon:

Obama recently "honored" Rosa Parks, and Neil Armstrong when he died.

Months ago I did a post about how he worked himself into the bios of every former president going back to Calvin Coolidge... Why would this be different?

No word on whether the President plans on sending a shower gift of DVDs or an iPod loaded with his speeches.


Anonymous said...

Im surprised. I thought he would suggest an abortion.

Anonymous said...

It looks like Kate was punished with a child but the good thing is it is only a tissue mass in the months to come. Wonderful that she is a Limey living across the pond or Barry would reach in and crush it's skull with a forcep then cut it's lifeless body from her selfish womb. Hide the after birth, it is a delicacy in Kenya.

K-Bob said...

Nice to see Barack likes to keep a hand in.

Anonymous said...

nProbably will send some leftover Obama 2012 swag (a onesie and some nail polish for Kate?).