Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Desperate Times, Desperate Dems

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Desperate Times, Desperate Dems: Tom Blumer
Will any 2016 Republican hopeful stand up for a strong defense?: Hugh Hewitt
Democrat Mark Begich now trailing in polls for Alaska Senate: FAM

John Boehner Must Be Ousted From Office To Save the Republic: Jen Kuznicki
McConnell said to press GOP Senators 'to Join Harry Reid’ on Vote: Blaze
Internal probe clears Chris Christie in Bridgegate, Democrats freak out: WyBlog

Pew's Activist Obamacare Poll: Ace
School’s asks if first-graders have sexual identity issues: EAG
Idaho Governor Signs Federal Gun Law Nullification: VictoryGirls


Indiana is the first state to pull out of Common Core: ConTrib
Literacy Is Knowledge: City Journal
US labor participation rate falls below UK's (for first time in 36 years): Unyielding

Scandal Central

Obama to Kill Tomahawk, Hellfire Missile Programs: WFB
No Justice Dept. Charges Against Woman Who Voted 6 Times for Obama: Adams
Operation Something Bruin: Herschel Smith

SEIU joins federal safety inspectors on visits to non-union businesses: DC
Minneapolis Restaurant Hosts 7th Annual Nazi-Themed Christmas Party​: TR
Pro-Israel Students Called ‘Kike,’ ‘Dirty Jew’ at University of Michigan: WFB

Climate & Energy

What Kind of Fool Am I?: Mark Steyn
Much-touted 2006 Polar Bear survey used to list them as ‘threatened’ …now invalidated: WUWT


MRC Study: Network TV Buries ObamaCare’s Bad News: MRC
“Female Temple University student, 19, is hit in the face with a BRICK by gang of children”: Protein Wisdom
200 teens RIOT in Louisville Sat night robbing, assaulting people: Scoop

Republicans and Blacks: Thomas Sowell
Rick Klein: Drudge 'Was Right'; AB Stoddard on the White House: 'Not Good to Use the Word 'Liar'': Breitbart
Dem Rep Wants Democrat Party to Come Out For Repeal of Second Amendment: Bearing Arms


#FullCommunism — Carton Of Eggs In Venezuela, Now 23 Dollars American: WZ
Information Warfare: The Chinese Police Join The Cyber War: StrategyPage
Hiding in Plain Sight: Jihadi Activism on Twitter: PJM

Jimmy Carter Calls Jewish Settlements In West Bank An “Israeli Invasion,” “Occupying Troops”: WZ
New Anti-Semitism Tailored for Evangelicals: Gatestone
The Muslim Agenda: Gates of Vienna

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

A thin lifeline for XP users: New Malwarebytes suite will support the older OS: PC World
High Speed Click Fraud: Over One Third Of All Internet "Traffic" Is Fake: ZH
Judge: IP address ain't a person, dude: TorrentFreak


Manly Obama pictures released to counter shirtless Putin: Cube
The Obamas Abroad: Looking For the Secret Trap Doors: MOTUS
World Trade Center daredevils release video showing their incredible 1,776-foot leap: The Week

Image: MOTUS
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Sick of being insulted by Mitch McConnell? Click here.

QOTD: "The issue on which Democrats are most vulnerable, and have the least room to maneuver, is school choice. Democrats are heavily in hock to the teachers’ unions, who see public schools as places to guarantee jobs for teachers, regardless of what that means for the education of students.

There are some charter schools and private schools that have low-income minority youngsters equaling or exceeding national norms, despite the many ghetto public schools where most students are nowhere close to meeting those norms. Because teachers’ unions oppose charter schools, most Democrats oppose them, including black Democrats up to and including President Barack Obama.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio’s recent cutback on funding for charter schools, and creating other obstacles for them, showed a calloused disregard for black youngsters, for whom a decent education is their one shot at a better life.

But did you hear any Republican say anything about it?" --Thomas Sowell

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