Sunday, March 23, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Wimp Factory

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The Wimp Factory: House of Eratosthenes
The Democratic party’s devolution on the values of military service: Moe Lane
Mandates Never Work: The Case of Auto Insurance: Federalist

Unbelievably Intrusive Common Core Questionnaire: Hideout
Slaughterhouse 4: Protein Wisdom
Deception 1342 of the Affordable Care Act: RWN

Renee Ellmers Berates Anti-Amnesty Constituents: PJM
The Symbol of a Lie: Kevin D. Williamson
DE Supreme Court Upholds Right to Bear Arms for Public Housing: NRA-ILA


Cigarette smuggling business booming in NYC. Of course.: Moe Lane
Union picks fight with Subaru; dealership’s response makes headlines: BPR
Interesting: Entrepreneurs, Investors Fleeing France: RWN

Scandal Central

Why America's Police Are Becoming So Militarized: Insider
Arpaio: If Obama deported 2 million why do they keep coming back to my jails?: Scoop
Louisiana bans use of welfare benefits for tattoos, lingerie, jewelry: Fox


Sharpton unveils race-baiting scheme for increasing 2014 midterm turnout: Allen West
Don't tread on my Obamacare, comrade: Cube
Antonin Scalia Has a Civil Liberties Debate in Brooklyn: Politicker

The Myth of the California Renaissance: Ben Boychuk, City Journal
Michelle Allows Press Coverage, Touts Free Speech: Keith Koffler
Cincinnati leaders make pitch to host GOP convention: USA Today

Libs demand removal of Rush Limbaugh from Children’s Choice Book Award contest: BPR
What the Heck… Karl Rove Warns Republicans to Stop Attacking Obamacare?: Publius
The Washington Post Responds To Me, and I Reply to the Post: John Hinderaker


Hillary “Reset Button” Clinton Said Russia was No Longer a Problem: Daniel Greenfield
Obama throws a tantrum, demands 'explicit apology' from Yaalon: Matzav
AP: Three years after US-NATO intervention, Libya is a failed state: Hot Air

Latin America: Putin gets his license: Fausta
#SOSVenezuela, Maria Corina, and the OAS: Fausta
EU to build desalination plant in Gaza. Guess who is opposed?: Elder of Ziyon

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Bill Clinton defends American control of Internet domain name system: Exam
Networking Your Toothbrush as Over-Design App Included: The Eponymous Pickle
Google's lightweight image format makes YouTube pages load 10 percent faster: Engadget


Horseman Passing By: American Digest
The Citizen Insurgent: Max Velocity
The Three Best Rules for Building Wealth: Dean Clancy

Image: The Fiddler [Darleen Click]
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QOTD: "Let me offer an alternative explanation of why the Washington Post published their Keystone/Koch smear: 1) The Washington Post in general, and Mufson and Eilperin in particular, are agents of the Left, the environmental movement and the Democratic Party. 2) The Keystone Pipeline is a problem for the Democratic Party because 60% of voters want the pipeline built, while the party’s left-wing base insists that it not be approved. 3) The Keystone Pipeline is popular because it would broadly benefit the American people by creating large numbers of jobs, making gasoline more plentiful and bringing down the cost of energy. 4) Therefore, the Democratic Party tries to distract from the real issues surrounding the pipeline by claiming, falsely, that its proponents are merely tools of the billionaire Koch brothers–who, in fact, have nothing to do with Keystone one way or the other. 5) The Post published its article to assist the Democratic Party with its anti-Keystone talking points." --John Hinderaker

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