Saturday, March 29, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Grandfather

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The Grandfather: Matthew Continetti
The “No Soros Money In New Hampshire” Fairy Tale: GraniteGrok
Laws and Politicians are made to be broken: Blasted Fools

A practical definition of tyranny: Cold Fury
Treacherous Path To Oblivion: Christian Mercenary
VA Hides Names of Hospitals Where Vets Died From Delays: WFB


Short Film “I, Pencil” Wins Grand Prize at Manning Centre Competition: CEI
29 mind-blowing photos that show you how badly liberalism has ruined Detroit: YC
Obamacare Is a 'Haves and Have Nots' Health System: FiscalTimes

Obama is Spending $15,000,000+ on Vacation Flights ALONE: ConTrib
No money for military, but Feds spent $700K on ‘climate change musical’: DC
Rick Santelli Exposes The Real Enemy (And It's Not Deflation): ZH

Scandal Central

Reid Misuse Of Campaign Funds Twice 1st Report: S&L
A Case for Voter ID: RWN
Gunners Impressed with Mindblowing Scale of Leland Yee Hypocrisy: PJM

Climate & Energy

Canada Suffering from Climate Model-Based Energy Regulations: PJM
Putin Makes Germany Question Move Off Nuclear: S&L
EPA, FBI Raid USA Brass: Bob Owens


Obamacare support drops to 26% in new AP poll: Scoop
Nate Silver, Roger Pielke, and journalism ethics: Luboš Motl Pilsen
Jeffrey Toobin's embarrassingly bad write-up of the Hobby Lobby oral argument in The New Yorker.: Ann Althouse

Assault Rifles for Christ: Roc Morin
L.A. Times Once Again Misstates Evidence on Global Warming: Patterico
NY Times Still Very Concerned Over Christie “Lane Closures”: RWN

Ebony Apologizes to RNC’s Williams: Andrew Johnson
Hobby Lobby case reveals single-payer agenda of radical left SCOTUS judges: Allen West
Mainstream Media Runs Away from Democratic Chinatown Gangster/Gun-Controller Story: Alec Torres


Russia’s Threat in the Americas: Joseph Klein
Obama Administration Caught Giving FREE High Tech Military Equipment to Russia: GWP
Cheney defends waterboarding: I would do it again, ‘results speak for themselves’: BPR

Ukraine weather forecast: cloudy, with a chance of Russians: John Hayward
State Department Gets Tough on Putin By Posting Selfies: JWF
Tablet: "The Chinese Believe That the Jews Control America.": VDARE

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Journalists increasingly under fire from hackers, Google researchers show: Ars Technica
Teen to government: Change your typeface, save $135 million a year: CNN
USB Attacks Need Physical Access Right? Not Any More...: Packet Storm


The Sons of AnarchYee: MOTUS
Should NCAA Athletes Unionize? Be Careful What You Wish For: P&F
Oh, Poop: Woodsterman

Image: Woodsterman
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QOTD: "I wanted to know: Would Jesus ever use a gun?

The pastor thought a moment. “I don’t think so, because as God, he doesn’t need a gun. He can command anything, and it would happen. But all of his followers carried swords for three and a half years, and not one time did he tell them to put those swords down. The only time that Jesus told Peter to put his sword back was at the very end. That was because Jesus came to die on the cross to pay for our sins, and he did not want Peter to get in the way.”

“Why did Jesus want them to have swords?”

“For exactly what we need guns for—for personal protection and to protect our liberties… All you have to do is read 1984 to know what’s going on in this country.”" --Roc Morin


Anonymous said...

I think Morin is confused. Jesus "kept and guarded" his disciples (John 17.14)throughout his ministry and asked "did you lack anything?" He then told them because He was leaving to take more for their journey including swords.
The responsibilities of a Christian are succinctly outlined in Mark 13.34. Christ gives His followers authority and work - authority to speak in His name, authority work, authority to watch and pray concerning temptation, what steals, what kills and what destroys because inherent in this is the authority to guard what God has given to us. This is exactly where the Church has erred, by thinking it was humility to flex on issues when we were told to say "NO" to unrighteousness and pray.
The Great Awakening that swept America before the Revolution prepared Christians to fight for Liberty. Take a sword? You bet, but it is God who shapes the battle and authors liberty.

Chaz said...

Then said he unto them, But now, he that hath a purse, let him take it, and likewise his scrip: and he that hath no sword, let him sell his garment, and buy one.

Luke 22:36 (KJV)

What are you waiting for? Buy a gun already!