Sunday, March 30, 2014

FOUR RACES TO WATCH: What patriots can do now!

Is the Tea Party dead? Is Constitutional Conservatism an anachronism? Are those resisting America's descent into tyranny simply going to roll over against the progressives' 100-year war on America? I, for one, say: hell, no.

What can you do? Pick out one or more of these races and offer your support with time or money. Any amount will help.

It's time to take back the Republican Party. Let the losers in the establishment form a third party. The time for action is now.

3 comments: said...

If ever four men needed several swift kicks in the balls and then banishment from all public office, it is the clowns in those photos currently holding GOP high office.

Anonymous said...

lets give rino boehner a retirement, so he can be obama's valet
Boehner worse speaker in American history

Anonymous said...

I am one broke dick currently but have managed to send a few dollars here and there to Matt Bevin