Thursday, March 27, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Shape of a Post-American World

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The Shape of a Post-American World: Daniel Greenfield
Demands Grow for Trey Gowdy to be Next Speaker of the House: Capitalism
State AG Strikes Back Against the Fourth Branch Empire: Camp o' the Saints

Ukrainian Lesson: Fools and Their Guns Are Soon Parted: Moonbattery
The Indomitable Spirit of An Armed Citizenry: Christian Mercenary
Enemies in DHS-FEMA exercise: "Free Americans against Socialist Tyranny": SOL

Ted Cruz talks to Mark Levin about IMF victory, neutered Democrats, 2014: Scoop
Astro-turfed Support for Common Core in Georgia: PJM
My First Trip to the Pot Shop: Michelle Malkin

Iowa Democrat’s Brazen Contempt for Iowans at Fundraiser: Tammy Bruce
Anti-Gun Democrat Arrested for Trafficking Guns: GWP
Christie will either veto magazine bill or kiss Presidential run goodbye: Bob Owens


AFL-CIO president: Citizenship for illegals will create American jobs: DC
The Real Inflation Fear - US Food Prices Are Up 19% In 2014: ZH
Los Angeles In ‘Crisis’ — 10 Steps To Fix It: Larry Elder

Obama Administration: Free Cell Phones and Bus Fare to Convicts: GWP
Obama Family Flights to/in Africa, Hawaii Cost Taxpayers $15.8M: CNS
Millions Wasted on Obamacare Ads, Young Aren’t Buying: Tammy Bruce

Scandal Central

Harry Reid gave Donors "holiday gifts": Politisite
FreedomWorks Releases “ObamaCare Autopsy” Report : FW
"News photos showed Yee, a Democrat... in the backseat of a patrol car": Patterico

Woman Arrested For Late Payment of $5 Dog License: Reason
Man Arrested for Drinking Iced Tea Urged to Take a “Deal” from Prosecutors: Daily Sheeple
Man brutally beaten by NYPD for sleeping on a couch in a synagogue: PSUSA

Climate & Energy

17 News Companies Support FOIA Lawsuit Against Michael Mann: MRC
“Climate Change” Will Make UK Dryer. And Wetter. And Hot. And Cold: Cove
Washington mudslide warned about 15 years ago by geologists: Daily Mail


#FL09: Grayson attacks Mark Levin’s ‘gullible’ audience: David Freddoso
MSNBC, CNN in Race to the Bottom: Jon Gabriel
Poll: Obama’s disapproval rating hits a new high: WaPo

Screw You. Mickey Kaus!: Ann Coulter
Poll: Majority of Americans Now Think U.S. “Weaker” Under Obama: WZ
Over 600 People Walk By Two Lost Girls: Can You Blame Them?: PJM


Obama's FutureWar Battle Plan: Ace
Kerry Spokeswoman: Israel Discriminating Against Muslims: Daniel Greenfield
Why ‘Moderate Islam’ is an Oxymoron: VDH's Private Papers

Navy Losing Sailors Over Relentless Focus On Political Correctness, Not “War Fighting”: RWN
Austria: Muslims Outnumber Catholics in Vienna Schools: Gatestone
Games World Leaders Play:Thermonuclear War. The Goal is - WTF!: MOTUS

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

U.S. Navy Explores Beaming Solar Power From Space: SingularityHub
Oculus fallout proves nobody understands what Kickstarter truly does: Fund hope: PC World
Maker Movement and 3D Printing: Industry Stats: WebStrategist


Let them eat s***: Golden Geese News
New Vocabulary Word: Woodsterman
Documenting Sodom: No Praying...: Act Well Your Part

Image: The Shape of a Post-American World
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QOTD: "The civilized world faces economic, demographic and military crises that it has a limited time frame in which to meet and resolve. If it fails to do that, the civilization in which we have grown up and which we have known all our lives will die and a long interregnum of darkness will follow in its wake." --Daniel Greenfield

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as to the "tea" drinker, cop probably figured it was "Purple Drank"