Monday, March 10, 2014

The insane fantasies of the Marxist EPA laid low by one simple chart

But if the EPA can stop just one extra molecule of the deadly toxin known as carbon dioxide from escaping into the atmosphere, the destruction of the American economy will be worth it!

Please note, of course, that the EPA won't dare to speak out against the Earth's most egregious polluter, China.

China's level of pollution renders all of America's activities meaningless, but that won't stop the Marxist left from bankrupting America's energy producers.

There has been no global warming for 17 years and 6 months -- according to the gold standard of temperature measurement known as the RSS satellite record -- but that won't stop the Marxist left from issuing thousands of new regulations every year.

In 2012, the EPA's insane regulations were costing the American economy nearly $400 billion a year. It's far worse today.

The needless destruction of the coal industry by the Democrat Party led the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission to warn of rolling blackouts within the next two years.

Let me be the first to suggest that the grid should always start energy conservation by shutting down all power to Washington, D.C.

I mean, the EPA must want the blackouts to occur, so they should be the very first to feel the pain.

6 comments: said...

These a-holes could not care less about pollution. The only thing they care about is gaining power over the rest of us in furtherance of their childish, dangerous cult.

Andrew_M_Garland said...

What if we knew with certainty, with a true scientific consensus, that the world might continue as it is for 350 years, then end in heat death in the following 50 years? Nothing we did or did not do would affect the first 350 much. But, the heat death would happen on the far end if we did not cut in half our use of all fossil fuels within 10 years and maintain that strict limit for the indefinite future.

This is a social question, not an energy question. Even assuming that the fate of mankind was at stake 400 years from now, would people limit themselves, or would we enjoy the life that was possible for us now, rather than live in relative poverty and self deprivation?

My bet is that we would live it up and even raise our use of resources. We would have a party until the end, rather than live in deprivation hoping to eke out some survivalist solution.

If you agree, then what is all the fuss about a bit of global warming which is probably not even caused by human activity?

Anonymous said...

Anyone that has studied history before it was rewritten to reinforce liberal ideology knows that the earth has been heating and cooling since its birth and will continue to do so until its demise.

This jabbering by politicians is really nothing more than rich people using fear to separate stupid people from their money.

Greg said...

PM2.5 is dust... this is why Bakersfield, CA is #1. This chart has nothing to do with Greenhouse Gases. Know your pollutants...

Anonymous said...

The PM2.5 Standard has nothing to do with carbon dioxide. The expanded title is Particulate Matter v2.5 Standard and it is concerned with the the amount of fine particulate matter in the atmosphere. See below for additional details.

"PM2.5 Standard Finalized

December 17, 2012

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued its final rule revising particulate matter air quality standards on Dec. 17. The final rule lowers the primary annual fine particulate matter (PM2.5) standard from 15 micrograms per cubic meter of air (µg/m3) to 12 µg/m3."

Anonymous said...

...and another thread bites the dust.
Pesky facts!