Friday, March 21, 2014

BUMMER FOR GLOBAL COOLING DENIERS: Cold Weather Slashes Range of Electric Vehicles by 57%

Runner-up headline: Green Energy Nuts Stunned to Find Out Batteries Don't Like the Cold

Any particle physicist -- or a third-grader who has played with a battery -- could have told you this.

AAA recently released the results of a study that looked into the driving range for EVs in areas with freezing temps. According to the study, the EV takes a major range hit in cold weather.

The study claims that in freezing temps, the typical EV sees a reduction in driving range of 57% compared to the EPA ratings for the car. The significant reduction in driving range is noted in temperatures of about 20-degrees according to the study.

That means that for an EV with a driving range of 105 miles in 75-degree temps, the car will only get 43 miles on a full charge at 20-degrees. AAA also found that hot weather decreases driving range, but not as much as cold weather.

This is a good reason why California continues to be the most popular area for EVs. I am sure there are more than a few EV owners in places where it gets hot or cold that are very unhappy with their decision to purchase an EV right now.

Just to recap: EVs perform very poorly in cold weather and they perform almost as poorly when it's hot.

Gee, if only someone could invent, I don't know, maybe a combustion engine that would be impervious to changes in temperature?

Hat tip: BadBlue Tech News


Doom said...

So... on top of being less efficient, and environmentally sound, at optimal, it degrades with temp extremes? Oh... Doomster is a happy boy. I just love the notion!

Seriously, do the numbers on the electricity required to run these things, then find out how much fuel is burned to make that much electricity, accounting for losses in the delivery and charging system, then compare that to the emissions of even a standard truck. Love me some doomage.

The Machiavellian said...

I saw that earlier this week. Made my cold heart warm for a few seconds knowing some douchebag with coexist sticker on his electric car choose poorly.

Anonymous said...

electirc cars are really coal cars . stupid liberals won't admit 50% of USA electric power comes from COAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!