Friday, March 14, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: House Passes Act Intended to Reign in Obama’s Extra-Legal, Imperial Presidency

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House Passes Act Intended to Reign in Obama’s Imperial Presidency: MB
The President’s Grab for Dictatorial Power: Phyllis Schlafly
Obama, in His Sole Discretion: David Limbaugh

Pelosi Says Dems will ‘Absolutely Not’ Retreat from Obamacare in '14: TPNN
Rand Paul Has a Major Problem. His Name Is Ron Paul.: Tatler
The Great Debate – Article V – Arizona Leaders Offer Opening Statements: WFP

Illinois Democrat Introduces Bill to Register All Firearms: John Hawkins
Larry Sabato: Obama “is Going to have Another Bad Midterm” in 2014: FreeLight
Ted Cruz smacks down Harry Reid for attacks on Koch brothers: Scoop

A Waste - For Everyone But Obama's Donors: Carol Platt Liebau
How far we’ve come…: LI
Hot Mic: Lindsey Graham Offers His RINO Services To John Kerry: WZ


Work is Hard: Cold Fury
Money in Politics: Zuckerberg Calls Obama to Complain About NSA: Kruiser
Lobster-Eating Food Stamp Recipient Refuses Hannity's Job Help: FNI

Scandal Central

Voter Fraud Exposed if Florida, DOJ Sues to Keep it Going: Hideout
CIA Benghazi vets ‘OUTRAGED’ after learning CIA I.G. never conducted investigation: Scoop
Obama withholds thousands of documents from Senate CIA probe, despite vows of help: McClatchy

Climate & Energy

Report: U.S. Electric Grid ‘Inherently Vulnerable’ to Sabotage: WFB
The Environmentalist Eugenics of the Left: Daniel Greenfield
Dennis Miller on Barbara Boxer: 'She Is an Idiot. She Is Bat Guano Crazy': Breitbart


AP, Dallas News, WashPo, etc., Lie About Ted Cruz’ Abortion Statement: MRC
Mark Levin goes on Cavuto to explain how Republicans went after David Jolly (R-FL): Scoop
Political Cartoon Sums Up Problem With Obamacare: TR

Breaking News Sourced by Social Media: Thomas Lifson
DUDE! Rep. Renee Ellmers gets into a heated debate with Laura Ingraham over immigration reform: Scoop
Why Does Ezra Klein Hate Gays?: R.S. McCain

Andrew Napolitano Punks Jon Stewart and His Panel of So-Called “Experts”: Patterico
NY Times admits Obamacare causes middle class suffering -- a year after the election: Thomas Lifson
Is This What Post-Partisanship Looks Like?: Molly Ball


Educating Conservatives About Modern ‘Shi’ite Quietists’: Andrew G. Boston
Putin Is Poised to Invade Central Ukraine: Sara Noble
Was missing jet HIJACKED? US officials fear it was captured and flown to mystery location: Daily Mail

Stolen F-35 Secrets Now Showing Up in China’s Stealth Fighter: WFB
$3 Billion for Ukraine to Go Straight to…Russia: Blaze
Israel Ranked Best Middle Eastern Country to Live in as a Woman: Algemeiner

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Nine unopened Dead Sea Scrolls found: Fox
Microsoft poised to fight back as iPad generation shuns Office: Reuters
U.S. Military Given Secret “Execute Order” on Cyber Operations: FAS


Obamacare Art Appreciation Lesson #1: What's Art?: Cube
Obamacare: America Moves Into a New Dimension of Sound and Shadow: MOTUS
'Ban Bossy' campaign started by Hillary Clinton donor -- ahead of 2016 run: Ashe Schow

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QOTD: "I’ve always said leftists are about not compassion or treating people with sensitivity and respect, much less equally, but control and bullying, all with an arrogant, mean-spirited air of superiority.

For Obama, there are at least two aspects to his control-freakishness. He not only pushes policies that give the federal government vastly more control over our lives but also is inordinately dictatorial in the manner in which he ramrods his agenda through, displaying utter contempt for what anyone else thinks, what he might damage with his unilateral actions and, most of all, the Constitution and the rule of law." --David Limbaugh


Anonymous said...

First title should read: "House passes bill intended to rein in Obama's Imperial Presidency (Imperialist reign).

Anonymous said...

What's up with Obama saying Ireland wasn't happy with Russian intervention? Seriously, how long until he quotes Prime Minister Count Rupert Mountjoy of Grand Fenwick as an authority on this as well?