Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The New Mitch McConnell Banner Ads are Here! The New Mitch McConnell Banner Ads are Here!

To wit, "McConnell Is For, and Has Always Been For Amnesty"

I'm tired of being ignored, talked down to, and insulted.

I support Matt Bevin for Senate in Kentucky. I urge you to do the same and help put a political boot in the kiester of Mitch McConnell.

P.S., Oh, and by all means, please feel free to copy, reproduce and distribute these ads on websites, Facebook, Twitter, and sticky pads.


Anonymous said...

There's nothing wrong with Mitch that being drug behind a pickup truck for a few minutes won't fix.

Anonymous said...

Come on Kentucky - wake up! Ditch Mitch and vote for Matt Bevin. Mitch is for Mitch, NOT YOU. Kick McConnell to the curb where he belongs. He's a liar and vote manipulator. He has no problem whatsoever lying to his constituents - NONE. GET RID OF MITCH MCCONNELL. DONATE and vote for MATT BEVIN. You won't regret it.