Monday, March 17, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Worst Is Yet to Come

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The Worst Is Yet to Come: Ed Lasky
The Mafiaization Of American Politics: Bob Belvedere
Slip Sliding Away...: Derek Hunter

*More* Democratic House retirements this week?: Moe Lane
Obama makes "ideological declaration of war" against private schools: John Lott
US foreign policy and midterm elections: Rich Baehr

Connecticut: We’re Not Winning the War: TTAG
Gun Confiscation: Organized, Sanctioned Terrorism: Christian Mercenary
No Knock Police Raids: NoisyRm

TV Station Exposes Voter Fraud in Florida: RWN
The Chicago Way: Buying the IL-8 Congressional District: Clash
Kaifesh accuses Goel supporters of vote-buying: Illinois Review


Cali Owes $1 Trillion But Wants to Give Illegals Free Healthcare: Sara Noble
Common Core kindergarten math homework stumps DAD WITH Ph.D.: DC
Groups sue CA Gov. Brown over mortgage settlement funds: LAT

Scandal Central

Does the White House Know How Many People Have Paid Obamacare Premiums?: Peter Suderman
Fast and Furious echoes in CIA-Senate fight: Politico
Democrat’s Nazi salute at meeting causes outrage in FL: media omits party affiliation: BPR

Warrant application shows Ares Armor referenced in wider investigation: David Codrea
NSA’s Phone Data Collection Program May ID Who Owns Firearms: GSL
Gun control supporters turn to new front: Ben Goad

Climate & Energy

U.S. Energy, the Ukraine, and Russia: Alan Caruba
Surprise! Warmist Wants “Denier” Scientists Jailed: Cove
EPA chief criticized for remarks about Interior Alaska: News-Miner


Feminists and Their Vaginas; Also, Guess Who’s Talking About ‘Forced Procreation’?: R.S. McCain
The real reason the Blagojevich tapes won’t be unsealed: IP2P
Clinton White House memo: Doctors irrational for resisting health reform and are greedy: DailyMail

Onward into the Night: Fred on Everything
An Obama Shirt Goes Up in Flames: MB
‘This is brilliant!’ David Limbaugh shares Obama administration ‘scandal brackets’: Twitchy


Pro-Russian rioters kill and maim Ukrainians in Donetsk: Cube
Obama Fails To Attend National Security Meeting Over Ukraine…Again: WZ
McCain: ‘Russia is a gas station masquerading as a country’: DC

Russian TV Host: Russia Only Country Cabable of Turning US into “Radioactive Dust”: GWP
Watching the Russians... Off Florida's Coast: Information Dissemination
West: Obama Thinks “Beards, Turbans, and Hijabs” More Important Than Vets: Scoop

Obama Admin. Admits Contact with Terrorists - to ‘Support People of Egypt’: PJM
The Israelis Understand Obama: Keith Koffler
Israeli doctor: Syrian snipers deliberately paralyzing children: Times of Israel

Oberlin College Prof Threatened by Muslim Colleague: CI
Chilling Video - Maduro's Venezuelan National Guard Abduct HS Girls Off The Street: JoshuaPundit
Fidel Obama?: Gorges' Grouse

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Ex-Bush admin official: Internet giveaway weakens cybersecurity, opens door to Web tax: DC
US Navy Strategists Have a Long History of Finding the Lost: Slashdot
Hijacked Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 shadowed other airliners to escape detection?: Aviationist


REVEALED: The Face(book) Behind The Mysterious Ted Cruz Posters!: Caleb Howe
Mexican Drug Lord home after being raided: imgur
If We Ban Bossy, Will They Take Their HOPE and CHANGE and Go Away?: MOTUS

Image: Lauren Conrad
Sponsored by: Want to fire John Boehner? Support conservative J.D. Winteregg.

QOTD: "If you hate the sexism that comes with women fielding the sorts of questions that men simply don’t even have to confront, then this gif is for you.

Lauren Conrad of past “Laguna Beach” fame (but has since totally made it on her own as a clothing designer and editor of the ever-informative self-named website) totally takes a big step forward for females who are so over society’s inclination towards treating women like sexualized objects, incapable of any additional value.

When asked the question, “What’s your favorite position?” during a radio interview, Conrad barely bats an eye (and certainly doesn’t take the opportunity to treat the Q&A sesh as some ongoing Cosmopolitan quiz).

Instead, she responds: CEO." --Acculturated

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