Friday, March 21, 2014

REALLY: Is Anyone Surprised?

Courtesy of the peerless Matt Drudge:

Uhm, it's almost as if Michelle is sending a surreptitious message to the Red Chinese. Like: we're with you!

But, no, that's just crazy talk.

Or... is it?

Hat tip: Andrea Shea King


Anonymous said...

Why do they let the older daughter out in public with a totally inappropriate skirt length?

Anonymous said...

Remember what the left used to say about Bush's daughters?
So when are the two ho's behind the fat ass in the red dress going to fight Obama's war in Syria?

Anonymous said...

Why do they let her out? Because they have no class. Remember when Mooch hopped onto Air Force One in a pair of capris and her thong pantyline showed? How classy is that? Remember her exiting Air Force One wearing a plaid shirt and a pair of denim short-shorts? She looked like she was mowing the lawn. How classy is that? These squatters in the WH are just Jeffersons that moved on up.

Justsomebody said...

They've been there since Thursday
and the Chinese at the hotel have had it with their sh*t already.

Angie said...

I am absolutely shocked and appalled that "Anonymous" compared the current POTUS and FLOTUS to the Jeffersons !

The Jeffersons ? Are you insane ?

George and Weezy worked hard and *earned* the "deluxe apartment in the sky " - the current occupants of the WH are pure entitlement queens .