Monday, March 31, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama administration released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year

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Obama released 68,000 convicted criminal aliens last year: Caroline May
Surrendering America: Moonbattery
Lois Lerner could go to jail in contempt clash: Exam

Stopping the Bush Bandwagon: R.S. McCain
What Happens When The Facts Don’t Fit The Progressive Script?: Federalist
Black Democrat Gunrunner Linked To Yee Case Blames Racism: VDARE

BOOM: Dr. Ben Carson Has Been Recruited to Take Down Obamacare: ConTrib
VICTORY: Michigan Signs Pro-Gun Bill Into Law: ConTrib
Gunman herding people into breakdroom killed by CCW holder: IJR

The Flip-Flopping, Tangled Campaign World of Senator Landrieu: DTG
Rep. Castro (D-TX) Blames Bush for Latest ObamaCare Delay: Minority Report
Al Franken (D-MN) – KeyWiki Progressive/Marxist Profiles: Trevor Loudon


Cleveland Clinic: 75% Of ObamaCare Signups Have Higher Premiums: Breitbart
More than half of top posts in key Obamacare agency are vacant: Exam
Actor Dean Cain shares dismal economic snapshot: 5 years of Obama: Twitchy

Scandal Central

Possible voter fraud, defiinite incompetence involving Covered California: Moe Lane
Someone who’s not David Gregory convicted of stupid DC gun law violation: LI
Sen. Barrasso: Obama Administration Is Cooking The Books On Enrollment Numbers: Scoop

Climate & Energy

Gawker’s Adam Weinstein Wants to Put You in Jail for Being a Climate Change ‘Denier’: Rick Moran
Introducing ObamaCow: Mark Steyn
Alarmist Warns “Climate Change” Could Make Humans Extinct: Cove


Blagojevich agreed to let Chicago Tribune reporters lie about the tapes?: IP2P
Obamacare shows why Chuck Schumer probably should avoid the fortune-telling business: Mark Tapscott
Anthony Weiner Even Worse As A Pundit Than He Was As A Politician: Adam Ozimek, Forbes

How unborn babies become 'clinical waste': Jeff Jacoby
EXCELLENT: Stephen A. Smith stands with Kobe Bryant on his Trayvon martin comments: Scoop
Democrat Bob Kerrey Calls Obama a Delusional Liar; Renders Himself MSM Nonperson: MinorityReport

Mark Levin: GOP Will Not Grow Appeal With ‘Embarrassing’ Pander To Adelson: Jen Kuznicki
Liberal law professor sides with conservatives on Hobby Lobby: BPR
Piers Morgan Uses Swan Song To Call For the Disarmament of U.S. Citizens: NB


Lining Putin’s Pockets: Senators Want Obama to Call Off Contracts with Russian Arms Giant: PJM
France's Reckoning: Rich, Young Flee Welfare State: CBN
German chancellor on NSA’s “high-value targets” list: Ars Technica

The Permanent War: Richard Baehr
Campus brownshirts on the march: Caroline Glick
I saw the future — anti-Semitism — at McMaster University: Gary Gerofsky

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

London skeletons reveal secrets of the Black Death: Jill Lawless,
Banks pulls out of class-action suit against Target, Trustwave: IDG
Microsoft promises to stop searching user accounts for stolen material: SCMag


The Right Wing News Conservative Minority Polling Project: RWN
The Presidential Regional Power Brackets: BHO Picks the Dark Horse: MOTUS
6 signs that you’re a liberal who is out of touch with reality: YC

Image: London skeletons reveal secrets of the Black Death
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QOTD: "“I must study politics and war,” John Adams said, “that my sons may have the liberty to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history, and naval architecture, navigation, commerce, and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain.” In Harry Reid’s America a man must win political office so that his sons may have the liberty to practice law and register as lobbyists, engage in rent-seeking and government relations and crisis management and communications, in order to give their children a right to live in Brooklyn, to enroll in the New School, to visit the Vermont Studio Center, to have cronies finance their off-off-off-Broadway shows, to enjoy their allowance from grandpa. This is the arrangement put before the voters this coming Election Day; this is the “system” rigged to benefit the family Reid; this is the configuration of power that Charles and David Koch want to disrupt. How awful of them. How “un-American.”" --Matthew Continetti

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