Sunday, March 16, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: "Obama Did Not Attend The Meeting"

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"Obama Did Not Attend The Meeting": Tyler Durden
Schumer to GOP: Pass Amnesty or Dictator Obama Will do it Anyway: TPNN
Dems Panicked About 2014: William Bigelow, Breitbart

Events Are Coming To A Head: Federale
The 2016 Candidate the Media Has Forgotten About: Rick Jensen
Rand Paul Gets It: Michael Reagan

Looking at the current 2014 Senate map.: Moe Lane
Dumbass CT Governor unaware Constitution isn't up for a vote: Intellihub
Mike Lee Endorses Dan Bongino In MD 6 Congressional Race: CHQ


Dependency Uber Alles: Tom Blumer
UAW’s King Responds To VW Employees’ Federal Lawsuit: LUR
Every Chart You Should Be Tracking But Were Too Afraid To Find: ZH

Scandal Central

Issa to Cummings: You’re wrong. We can hold Lois Lerner in contempt: DC
Issa: Cummings an ‘Obstacle to Congressional Oversight’ in IRS Probe: TPNN
DOJ Now Actively Promoting Vote Fraud in Florida: WZ

BREAKING: Ares Armor Raided by ATF: TTAG
Former NSA Official: We Are in a Police State: VictoryGirls
HHS: Insurers’ Coverage For Same-Sex Couples Must Match Traditional Marriages: WaPo


AP Writes Dishonestly of Pro-Choice Rally; Stealth Corrects Later: Ace
Obama: The Selective Promise Keeper: MOTUS
"Hide Your Schools, Hide Your Homes, Hide Your Children, Cause He's Wrecking it All": HySci

NY Times: Democrats Worried About Obama Factor: RWN
Ms. Magazine Runs Mock Cover Highlighting Child Brides in Islam: DC Clothesline
A Furious Chris Matthews Calls on Dems to 'Scare,' 'Anger' Liberal Base: 'Time to Attack': NB


Malaysia Jet Reminder: Terrorism Is not Dead: Walter Russell Mead
Pilots become focus of Malaysia Airlines investigation: Fox
Al-Qaeda Calls for Car Bomb Attacks on American Cities, Targets Abroad: Breitbart

Frightened by Kerry "Ultimatum," Russian Troops Move out of Crimea... into Ukraine: DiploMad
Dumbest John Kerry Statement Ever: Paul Mirengoff
Israeli officials slam Kerry for remarks on Jewish state recognition: JPost

Ukraine or Russia? Crimea votes in controversial referendum on its future: EuroNews
Vote to join Russia could leave Crimea without water, electricity: Fox
Because There Is Absolutely Nothing Else We Need To Be Concerned With at the Moment: Ricochet

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

This Will Be The Only Chair You’ll Ever Need To Stay Fit At Work: Hello Beautiful
Glassholes: at least you know who they are: Stephen Shankland
US Surrenders Control of the Internet to the Global Community: Sara Noble


Sunday morning feel good story: This Ain't Hell
AOSHQ Food Pyramid: Ace
"Asian-American Backlash" Over Affirmative Action In California: Steve Sailer

Image: Photo says it all about US-Russia relations. Amb. Samantha Power at UN
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QOTD: "Silly talk and posturing, the making of grand-sounding statements, and drawing erasable "red lines" all have consequences. One, of course, is that Russia is not likely to undo its actions in Crimea. The Russians, furthermore, have sanction-like weapons of their own such as the messing about with US banks and debt noted above, but not limited only to that. They are major suppliers of gas to Europe and in the past have shown a willingness to interrupt supplies for political purposes.

So while we gut our military, refuse to buy Canadian oil, or become energy independent and a major supplier of energy to Europe, we prattle on and on about sanctions and international law and solidarity with the Syrian opposition Ukraine. As noted before, we could neutralize Russia's leverage in the world very swiftly, without ever mentioning the word "sanctions." That, however, requires something we do not have, to wit, patriotic, committed, focused, and decisive leadership.

We have Obama." --W. Lewis Amselem

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