Saturday, May 24, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Another Day, Another Series of Horrific Stories Out of Veterans Administration Facilities

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Another Day, Another Series of Horrific Stories Out of the VA: Jim Geraghty
Top Black Democrat Turns On Obama, Says He's Lying About VA Scandal: IJR
Kelly File: Obama Has Already Ignored 3 IG Reports on VA Failures: FNI

The Hillary-Industrial Complex: NRO
All Hell Breaking Loose and Dems J**king Off on Twitter: Ace
Rockefeller Defends His Race-Baiting: Keith Koffler

Source reveals to me what really happened in Benghazi: Allen West
Cruz Warns Dems Plan to Repeal First Amendment: TR
John Conyers loses appeal to be put on Michigan primary ballot.: Moe Lane


Why didn’t Piketty’s Harvard publisher spot the errors FT exposed?: SpecUK
Obamacare’s Economically Destructive Welfare Expansion: RWN
Weird: Gun-Free Restaurants Keep Drawing Armed Robbers: Poor Richard

Freeloader-in-Chief: ‘I Don’t Take Free Food’: JWF
As Gold Manipulation Comes To Light, Trends Makes More Sense: Kid Dynamite
Driverless cars could cripple law enforcement budgets: NetworkWorld

Scandal Central

DOJ Used Lois Lerner to Build Criminal Case Against Nonprofits: JWF
Sorry, John Kerry Can't Testify About Benghazi; He Is Just Too Busy: ZH
The Benghazi YouTube Video Narrative Began the Night of the Attack, Says Issa: VictoryGirls

Inequality Before the Law: Mark Steyn
Hillary Stacks the Benghazi Select Committee: Arnold Ahlert
What Else is Obama Hiding?: JW

Climate & Energy

Climate Alarmist Who Warned Of Global Cooling In 1975 Admits He Was Wrong: LoneCon
End Crony Capitalism, Sell Federal Land, Limit Tax Breaks for the Rich: RWN
Alternative Energy Breakthrough: AmDigest


Our Veterans Administration: Ushanka
Andrea Mitchell to Dem Congressman: 'Why Even Play the Game' of GOP's Benghazi 'Witch Hunt'?: MRC
Democrats' Ridiculous Bossy Bumper Sticker Just Begs to be Photoshopped : PJM

What White Democrats Really Think About Black Americans: Patricia L. Dickson
Networks Cover "Bridgegate" More in 4 Days Than the VA Scandal In an Entire Month: Ace
Call (of Duty) Waiting: Hopenchange

CNN: Where News Goes to Die: Ed Driscoll
Group Behind ‘Pitfalls Of Working With White People’ Received Nearly $1 MILLION in Public Grants: GWP
Amazon Engaging in Digital Book-Burning?: NYT


New Ad Campaign “Truth About CAIR” Hits NYC Subway Platforms: Creeping
Syrian female refugees on sale on Facebook; women sold in mosques: JW
Bosnian refugee in Sweden: “What I fled from in 1992 has now arrived here.”: JW

Jews, Get Out of Europe: P. David Hornik
Accommodating CAIR at 9/11 Memorial Like Giving Nazis Veto Power at Auschwitz Memorial: BCF
Home Depot’s Double Standard: Fires Christian, Allows Terror-linked Muslims to Proselytize: Creeping

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google offers best argument for broadband competition: Marguerite Reardon
Short-Throw Touchscreen Projector Means There's No Remote To Lose: Gizmodo
Marc Andreessen on net neutrality: Marginal Revolution


They All Look Like Game Show Hosts to Me.: MOTUS
Something Wonderful: Story of My Life - ThePianoGuys: American Digest
Thoughts on Liberty (Updated): DeRP

Image: The Rash
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QOTD: "The United States Government is corrupt. The IRS is corrupt, the EPA is corrupt, the Department of Justice is corrupt. They use their powers selectively to chastise their political enemies. In a hyper-regulatory state, there are laws against everything, and everyone is guilty of being in breach of at least 300 of them at any hour of the day. I have no use for Dinesh D'Souza, for example, but it seems obvious that he's been set up as this season's Benghazi video maker. There are gazillions of $20,000 campaign-finance infractions across America, but the only guy that's been singled out is the fellow who made a hit anti-Obama movie. As John Hayward puts it, he's been

'...busted for doing 59 in a 55-mph campaign-finance zone in your little compact car, while huge semi trucks full of political cash blast past you at a hundred miles an hour without the cops batting an eye.'

D'Souza's enemies are gloating. As is the habit in the American system, he will most likely be prevailed upon to cop a plea in return for a reduced sentence. And everyone else will get the message: If you make a film or write a book attacking Obama, make sure it's a flop - or anyway not so big a hit it catches the regime's eye." --Mark Steyn

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