Thursday, May 15, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Bombshell Email Proves Weaponization of the IRS Came From Washington

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Bombshell Email Proves Weaponization of IRS Came From DC: Bryan Preston
CRACK! McConnell’s Metal Strap of Control Breaks: Jen Kuznicki
Is the White House producing campaign ads for Biden?: Dossier

Congressman: White House led 'Worst Prison Break in American History': TR
New IRS e-mails: Yep, direction came from D.C. and yep, it was political: Hot Air
Bill Clinton Says Hillary Took 6 Months To Get Over Concussion: Instapundit

Mark Levin on IRS: Carl Levin should be dragged in front of a grand jury: Scoop
Death Penalty Opponents, Have I Got A Deal For You!: Ann Coulter
USDA buying. 40-cal submachine guns: Scoop


Rahm Emanuel Announces He Will Give Illegal Aliens City Jobs, Internships: RWN
Record-high debt not the only bad number for new college grads: Melissa Quinn
Chicago principal says Emanuel administration stifles dissent: Trib

Scandal Central

GOP Overturns Obama: Victims Of Ft. Hood Will Get Honors, Benefits: RWN
Obama: If ‘Million Excess Votes’ in NYC Moved to Midwest...: Tatler
New Documents Show IRS HQ Control of Tea Party Targeting: JW

Climate & Energy

Bengtsson Burners: Mark Steyn
Village Idiot: Mark Steyn
Finally, backpedaling on crazy talk about Antarctica, Glacier Ice Sheet Melt, Sea Level Rise, LAX: WUWT


The Holocaust Revisited—An Open Thank You Note to Ed Schultz: Roger L. Simon
Daily Show DESTROYS Harry Reid over Koch brothers hypocrisy: Scoop
Karl Rove’s boneheaded swipe at Hillary Clinton: John Kass

Did Scott Brown’s 2010 Win Spark The IRS War On The Tea Party?: Glob
‘War on women is coming from inside the house!’ NYT pay equity sanctimony: Twitchy
Liberal Tolerance (Caution: Graphic Language): John Hawkins

Obama Advisor David Plouffe is a Lying Scumbag And Here’s Proof: Glob
Fox News Poll: 50% Believe Hillary Clinton Deceived Public on Benghazi: FNI
Funny video: Hillary’s lack of accomplishments shows why Hillary could be president: Hot Air


The real Benghazi scandal was Obama's drive-by war in Libya: Exam
Modern world is still premodern in many ways: Victor Davis Hanson
Russia Wants to Limit U.S. Access to Space Station: DefenseOne

I though Obama said Al Qaeda is on the run?: Tatler
What a shock: Newsweek reporter who accused Israel of 'unprecedented spying' 'has a history': Matzav
Vassar condemns “racist, anti-Semitic graphic” posted by Students for Justice in Palestine: LI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Anyone in the U.S. Can Buy Google Glass Now: Gizmodo
Facial transplants are safe, viable, and help patients thrive after a decade of success: SingularityHub
US reports third case of potential MERS virus: Yahoo!


“All of your wallets are belong to us, comrade.”: MOTUS
Congratulations to Rush Limbaugh: Erick Erickson
Operation American Spring to hit D.C. to oust Obama, Biden, Boehner, Holder: Times

Image: Selfie of the Day: The Most Epic Selfie Ever
Sponsored by: Fight Mitch McConnell's Lies: Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "When the party leader in the Senate thinks he has to influence, through negative attacks, a Senatorial primary in Nebraska which, by all accounts was going to be a Republican win in the general election anyway, it’s a sign he knows he’s losing his grip. And if McConnell knows it, they all do.

Notice McConnell helped attack a man who made Obamacare his major focus. Shouldn’t that tell us just where his priorities lie?

On every front, the establishment and its mouthpieces are seriously misreading, or ignoring national sentiment, and the campaigns waged by the NRSC are childish, dishonest, delusive, and sometimes downright mean and nasty. This is their idea of “disagreement” within the “family.” And all at a time when the American public want positive, uplifting messages from people they think they can trust to stop the left from ruining the country.

Make no mistake, this Sasse win sounds like a metal strap snapping under tension, letting loose the minds and thoughts and free will of the electorate. Let that sound echo throughout the nation." --Jen Kuznicki

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