Sunday, May 11, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Wisconsin Gestapo

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The Wisconsin Gestapo: Instapundit
Health Care For Me, But None for Thee: American Interest
GOP’s Angst Correlates To Progressivism: R.S. McCain

SLPC: Opposing Common Core Now Right-Wing Extremism and Racist: Ace
Joe Biden is running for President, bless his heart.: Moe Lane
CBS: Fifth VA office conducted wait-list fraud: Hot Air

“Mitt Romney: A Severe Conservative Who Just Won’t Go Away”: PW
John Conyers fails to make the Ballot in his Michigan District: RS
Ben Carson: Too Nice, Naive for Politics?: Scott Ott


Mark Levin makes a full-throated ASSAULT on the minimum wage: Scoop
Karen Lewis - Economic Genius: SCC
The Progressive Avenger Strikes Again: City Journal

Small business to take the HIT from Obamacare: Hot Air
The Taxpayer Cost To Maintain Obama's Golf Handicap: Over $3 Million: ZH
Why is Illinois unemployment so high?: ChiBiz

Scandal Central

Darrell Issa: More Criminal Charges Coming for Obama Admin: ConTrib
Of COURSE Ed Snowden’s heist was an espionage operation.: Moe Lane
Californians with Obamacare are driving to Mexico for cheaper, better healthcare: CainTV

Climate & Energy

Five Reasons Voters Call BS On Obama’s “Climate Change” Push: RWN
Obama’s Climate Change Facts: The Pathetic vs. The Prophetic: BarbWire
Germany’s version of Daily Show lampoons their failed green-energy transition: Hot Air


Oh Look, Here Are Six Times That Democrats Shamelessly Raised Funds From Tragedies: Sooper
Progressive Bloggers Are More Pro-Obama Than Obama: Ace
Daily Beast Columnist Says Benghazi Ambassador ‘Was Not Murdered’ … Died of ‘Smoke’: ViralRead

Ex-Mossad chief calls Newsweek spy story ‘delusional’: Times of Israel
Former Fed Prosecutor: America Should Impeach Barack Obama: ConTrib
Judge Jeanine Smacks Down Jay Carney, “Has This Guy Ever NOT Told A Lie At A Presser?”: Nice Deb


Daily Beast’s Josh Rogin Blasts Hillary In Devastating Take Down Over Boko Haram: Scoop
Intelligence employees, current and past, barred from citing news leaks: Ars Technica
Australia: Muslim pedophile not charged because of “cultural differences” still stalking children: JihadWatch

Slobodan Putin: Andrew Wood
'Someone is trying to sabotage US-Israel intelligence cooperation': Hayom
Hitler’s Jewish neighbor looks back in horror in new book: Times of Israel

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Why Starting A Competitor To Comcast Is Basically Impossible: Consumerist
The FCC can’t handle all the net neutrality calls it’s getting, urges people to write emails instead: BGR
Silicon Valley's Love-Hate Relationship With President Obama: Slashdot


Food Thread: Special Addition -- The Mai Tai: Ace
SNL’s Michelle Obama vs. Hillary Clinton: Mother’s Day smackdown!: BPR
Oddly decorated Al Qaeda "Coffee House for girls" in Syria: BCF

Image: The 2014 Smithsonian Photo Contest Finalists
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QOTD: "Edgar Feuchtwanger, the son of a prominent German Jewish family with roots in Bavaria going back centuries, vividly remembers nearly bumping into his neighbor Adolf Hitler as a boy...

He now lives in Britain, where his parents were able in 1938 to buy a visa that would save the family’s lives just as the noose was tightening around Germany’s Jews.

Feuchtwanger said his family at first had only an abstract sense of the danger posed to them by the National Socialists and their personable neighbor...

Feuchtwanger believes he as a child had a keener sense of what his thoroughly German Jewish parents and their friends could not believe: that the country they loved would turn on them with such speed, hatred and, finally, blood-lust.

“We were aware of the threat probably even in 1932,” he said, his English still lightly accented by his native German.

But of course we didn’t realize how radical that threat was, how lethal it would get. My father had got that quite wrong.”" --Deborah Cole

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