Friday, May 30, 2014

THE FEDERAL INCOME TAX: Then, Now and the Lies They Told

101 years ago, the progressive movement in America -- an offshoot of the European socialists -- passed the 16th Amendment, which installed the federal income tax. Like all of the progressives' fables, it was predicated on lies.

Consider the dichotomy:

The federal government is insatiable.

It has become what the Framers feared.

It has become an unconstrained leviathan that inserts itself into every aspect of Americans' lives and ruins everything it touches. From Fannie Mae to the VA, from the "Great Society" to public sector unions, from the student loan business to Obamacare, it has a track record of failure and a legacy of misery.

And no matter its failures, it never downsizes. It never turns introspective, examines it failures and course-corrects. The elites who become lifetime politicians take an oath to uphold the Constitution and then refute it. Once in office, they revile its limits and scoff at its intent.

We Americans were blessed with the gift of the finest form of government ever seen in human history. And the progressives are trying to throw it all away, following the same ill-defined game-plan of centralized, authoritarian government with top-down decision-making that hasn't worked in all of human history, can't work, and will never work.

Precious little time remains to save this Republic.


Brian said...

Excellent post. Direct and to the point. and true.

John the River said...

Franklin was right.

Are we the first generation of slaves or the next generation of patriots?

Only history will know.

Anonymous said...

The 16th Amendment is the only one that the political class upholds.

Anonymous said...

Good post. Thanks.