Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Incompetence of Barack Obama: Outed CIA Covert Officer Edition

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The Incompetence of Barack Obama: Outed CIA covert officer edition: RS
Violence, Scapegoating, Misogyny and a Creepy Little Weirdo: R.S. McCain
Critics: White House Blunder Puts Whole CIA Unit in Peril: Todd Beamon

Lord Obama: Victor Davis Hanson
The Left Didn’t Waste Time Politicizing California Rampage: LoneCon
Thousands of Bikers Ride Through DC to Honor the Fallen: ConTrib

Teacher Admits Writing Common Core to End White Privilege: BuzzPo
The 6 Lamest Excuses For Failure From The Obama Administration: RWN
Fourth Mini-Bomb Goes Off a DC Area Theater: GWP

Hey, progressives: What else can you force Americans to do?: BuzzPo
Conclusive Proof Obtained: @SenRandPaul Is Just Another Hack: Belvedere
The Media Protects another Racist Democrat: Eagle Rising


What the IRS Obamacare ruling means: DTG
Unions, employers square off over ObamaCare costs in collective bargaining: Fox
White students fed up with black professor’s racial screeds, lawsuits fly: DC

Scandal Central

If only Obama treated our military vets as well as he does illegals: Godfather
Widow Claims Veterans' Hospital Police Beat Her Husband to Death: Courthouse
Over A Dozen House-Passed VA Reform Bills Sitting on Harry Reid’s Desk: Hideout

Climate & Energy

“Global Warming” Fun Fact of The Day: Planet Has Cooled Since 2005: WZ
EPA’s next target in fight against climate change: cooking stoves: Times
White House Quietly Releases Regulatory Agenda on Holiday Weekend: LI


VA Fallout: Boston Globe, LA Times Declare Obama Incompetent: Warner Todd Huston
Ken Blackwell Destroys MSNBC Gun Control Narrative In One Response: TR
QOTD: How fact-resistant liberalism takes its greatest toll on those at the bottom: AEI

A Reparations Plan That Makes Sense: Jim Goad
The Labor Union that Runs the Media: Cliff Kincaid
Colion Noir On Mass Shooters: Real Revo

Newsweek – Orwell’s Newspeak and Thought Criminals in the Mental Hospital Called America: Paul McGuire
A Young College Grad Calls My Show: Dennis Prager
Not Like a Boss: Ace


Valerie Plame and Obama’s Double Standard on Outing CIA Personnel: Daniel Greenfield
Murder and Motivation: Mark Steyn
Voting Results From Europe Show Backlash To Muslim Immigration: NoisyRm

Muslim Brotherhood has a ‘significant presence’ in Canada, says study: BCF
Why is Team Obama unable to bring home Marine held in Mexico?: Fox
Ukraine: Rebels claim 35 deaths at Donetsk airport: USA Today

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Report: Google and Nest Want to Offer Home Surveillance: Gizmodo
Google Ignores Memorial Day – Update: 18 Hours Later, Google Decides To Honor Our Troops: WZ
HP to cut up to 16,000 more jobs: CNN


My Daughter Made A WWII Veteran Cry: BuzzPo
Memorial Day, 2014...Some Personal Thoughts: Nuking Politics
Ronald Reagan Honors the Fallen… This is Powerful: ConTrib

Image: Ace o' Spades
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: BOOM: Chris McDaniel for Senate

QOTD: "If we were living in normal times, the following scandals and failures — without going into foreign policy — would have ruined a presidency to the point of reducing it to Nixon, Bush, or Truman poll ratings.

Think of the following: the Fast and Furious scandal, the VA mess, the tapping of the communications of the Associated Press reporters, the NSA monitoring, Benghazi in all of its manifestations, the serial lies about Obamacare, the failed stimuli, the chronic zero interest/print money policies, the serial high unemployment, the borrowing of $7 trillion to no stimulatory effect, the spiraling national debt, the customary violations of the Hatch Act by Obama cabinet officials, the alter ego/fake identity of EPA head Lisa Jackson, the sudden departure of Hilda Solis after receiving union freebies, the mendacity of Kathleen Sebelius, the strange atmospherics surrounding the Petraeus resignation, the customary presidential neglect of enforcing the laws from immigration statutes to his own health care rules, the presidential divisiveness (“punish our enemies,” “you didn’t build that,” Trayvon as the son that Obama never had, etc.), and on and on.

So why is there not much public reaction or media investigatory outrage?" --Victor Davis Hanson

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