Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Whittle on the Loyal opposition and why McConnell and Boehner must go

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Whittle: Loyal opposition and why McConnell and Boehner must go: Scoop
John Boehner can’t promise another 2 years as speaker: Politico
Cruz Calls for Benghazi Joint Select Committee: Andrew C. McCarthy

Geithner: White House Wanted Me to Lie on Sunday Shows: Daniel Halper
Majorities, Minorities, and Mismatches: Heather Mac Donald
Pelosi: Benghazi Families Don't Want Special Committee Investigation: PJM

Three-fourths of ObamaCare enrollees were previously insured: Bruce McCquain
MA Obamacare exchange fails; State seeks more from taxpayers: Unyielding
All of a sudden, Hillary's not feeling the love from Democrats: Thomas Lifson

Tim Scott attacked for not voting his color: Allen West
Clay Aiken's Dem Primary Opponent in NC Dies Suddenly: RightPundit
Annnnnnd so much for Michelle Nunn (D-GA Sen. Primary): Moe Lane


As Capital Flees, England Is Texas, and the U.S. Is California: Tom Giovanetti
Shocking Food Stamp Fraud: If One Tiny Store Does This...: LiberyNews
Democrat Governors Raise Taxes by Nearly $60 Billion: BarbWire

Scandal Central

Where was Obama during Benghazi? Ask the White House diarist: Marc A. Thiessen
Reminder: Benghazi Survivors Given Aliases, Moved Around, Monthly Polygraphs: MagNote
Boehner on Benghazi Committee: `I Don't Want Theater, I Don't Want a Sideshow' : PJM

Climate & Energy

5 Things To Know | EPA Unit Blocks Independent Investigations: Bankrupting
“Climate change is about justifying bigger government”: Cove
Climate Change: We Have No Solution: Robert Samuelson


Fmr Ambassador Michael Oren: Newsweek is Lying: TR
Remember When Leftists Used to Make Fun of Christians for Being Narrow-Minded and Intolerant?: GayPatriot
Bye-Bye Barbara! The Top 20 Worst of Walters Countdown: NB

Politico: You Know, You Silly Benghazi Believers…: Cove
Bernard Goldberg: ‘Ridiculous’ 50% of Journalists Are Independents, Likely 85% Voted for Obama: MRC
The media ignore IRS scandal: Paul L. Caron

Michael Sam: The NFL Goes All-Gay: Whiskey's Place
Kangaroo Courts on Campus?: Thomas Sowell
Angry White Men — aka Journalists: Debra Saunders


First redistribute Vatican wealth: Cal Thomas
Insurance Costs Cause Cancellation of Violent, Anti-Christian Arab Festival: NewAm
France Submits to Islam: Guy Millière

UCLA testing ground for next generation of anti-Israel campus tactics: LI
Republicans Vote to Give Vets of Ft. Hood Terrorist Attack the Honor They Deserve: IJR
Grant Clemency to the Benghazi Scapegoat: Power Line

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Airliner-Drone Near Miss Spurring FAA to Clamp Down on UAVs: Gizmodo
Oldest organism with skeleton discovered in Australia: Phys.org
Recent Word Zero-Day Used In Attacks Against Taiwan Government: Dark Reading


My Mother at 97 98 99 ... and now halfway to 100: American Digest
Off the Clift: iOTW
This Anti-Obama, Pro-Gun Sign is Going Viral: ConTrib

Image: What you need to know: Middle East Respiratory Syndrome
Sponsored by: Fight Mitch McConnell's Lies: Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "...there exists a minute-by-minute record of where the president was and what he was doing for all eight hours of the Benghazi attack.

So how is it that the White House has failed to give a full account of the president’s whereabouts during that eight-hour period? The White House knows precisely where he was and what he was doing, yet it is refusing to share that information with Congress and the American people. This is unacceptable. Imagine if 20 months after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, the George W. Bush White House had still refused to account for where the president was or what he was doing that day. There would be outrage and constant demands from the press, Congress and other investigators demanding to know the answer to a simple factual question: Where was the president?

...During Watergate, Richard Nixon had his infamous 18 1 / 2-minute gap. When it comes to Benghazi, Obama has an eight-hour gap. That gap needs to be closed." --Marc Thiessen

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