Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Ben Sasse Wins Decisively in Nebraska GOP Senate Primary

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Ben Sasse Wins Decisively in Nebraska GOP Senate Primary: WS
Replacing Cantor with a Freshman Congressman is Good for VA-7: VARight
Watch: Eric Cantor Booed By Tea Party Activists: Breitbart

Panetta, Morrell endorse Select Committee on Benghazi: Power Line
State to House: find a “more appropriate witness” than Kerry on Benghazi: Hot Air
Beck: Why Jeb Bush and Chris Christie back Common Core: Scoop

More Than Talk Needed to Rescue Trapped Vets: Betsy McCaughey
Holder DOJ to Monitor Tuesday's Nebraska Republican Primary: VictoryGirls
Black Republican Group Calls for the Impeachment of Barack Obama: ConTrib

SC GOP Votes To Censure Lindsey Graham For Being a RINO: WZ
Insanity: what's wrong with this picture?: AWD
NJ Senate passes magazine ban; Bill limits capacity to 10 rounds: Guns


Dude, where's my tax cut? Chris Christie's budget includes 23 fee hikes: WyBlog
Student Loans Soar To Record $1.111 Trillion, Up 12% In Past Year: ZH
Cash for Obamacare Shirkers: Michelle Malkin

Scandal Central

Jay Carney: Joe Biden's son accepted position with Ukrainian gas company as 'private citizen': Exam
Price for Nevada dad to see state's school files on his kids: $10G: Fox
U.S. Frees 36,007 Illegal Aliens With Serious Criminal Convictions: JW

IRS paid at least $13B in improper tax credits: Fox
Holder: No Plans at DOJ to Investigate Secret Waiting Lists and Veteran Deaths at VA Hospitals: WS
Rep. Elijah Cummings Could Go To Prison for Five Years: RightPlanet

Climate & Energy

Keystone XL Failure On The Senate Floor Leaves Mary "Landfill" Landrieu Sputtering: HayRide
Coal rules will devastate, say biz groups: Hill
Brrr… Antarctic Sea Ice at Record Levels By ‘Significant Margin’: GWP


How you know Hillary’s brain damage is worse than we thought: Aces
If Obama had a son, he’d be just like Mike Sam. But he wouldn’t play football.: MOTUS
No NFL Sensitivity Training for HAMAS Support or Jew-Hatred, Just for Dissing Gay Draft Kiss: Debbie Schlussel

Trey Gowdy Silences the Press: PJM
WaPo Calls for Shariah Blasphemy Laws in America: BarbWire
Jacqueline Kennedy’s newly discovered personal letters reveal 14 years of secrets: WaPo

CBS News reveals another VA center with a secret waiting list: Scoop
Gross! Dem Rep. Joe Garcia Picks His Ear… Then Eats It: WZ
NYPD blotter: Alec Baldwin arrested for ‘biking while a douchebag’: Doug Powers


Iran's Final Solution: PJM
Obama’s Alliance with Boko Haram: Daniel Greenfield
CAIR Wants ‘Islamist Extremism,’ ‘Jihadism’ Removed From 9/11 Museum Video: CNS

U.S. Ambassador: Sanctions Against Russia Are '21st Century Use Of Force': WS
U.S. Conducts Nuclear Response Exercises: DefenseOne
Ayaan Hirsi Ali: Liberals Take Heed, Boko Haram the 'New Wave of Jihadism': Breitbart

Partner in Peace Newspaper: Israel's Creation is 'Greatest Crime Known to Humanity': TR
Ted Cruz’s 10 Questions on Benghazi: Blaze
CNN promotes Jihadist campaigning for sharia law and teaching of Islam in public schools: BNI

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Can Google Influence Elections?: Slashdot
How Amiga hackers saved Andy Warhol's digital images: Engadget
16-year-old Canadian boy arrested for over 30 swattings, bomb threats: Sophos


What it's like to own a Tesla Model S (as long as you don't live where it's cold outside): The Oatmeal
More Than Half of Google’s Revenue is From the U.S. Military and Government: Political Blindspot
#DoNotRidiculeHashTagDiplomacy: Cube

Image: Stunning Images Of Chinese Riot Police Training For A "Working Class Insurrection"
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QOTD: "Senate Democrats on Monday blocked a request from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) to approve a resolution supporting the creation of a select committee to investigate Benghazi....

“Here we are eight months later,” [Cruz] said. “The perpetrators still have not been caught and the confusion about what occurred on September 11, 2012, in Benghazi has only gotten worse.”

...[Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob] Menendez... argued that some of Cruz’s unanswered questions are political in nature, such as whether President Barack Obama slept the night of the attack that left four Americans dead. Menendez said a better question might be whether Obama was even told about the attack that night... ...Cruz pounced on that statement as an example of why a select committee is needed.

“The Democratic senator from New Jersey, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee, just told this body that he has no idea if President Obama was even told four Americans were under terrorist attack,” Cruz said. “He doesn’t know what if anything the President could have done to save them... I would suggest that’s exactly the reason we need this committee.” " --Pete Kasperowicz

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