Saturday, May 17, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: WH in CYA mode: VA scandal potentially bigger than IRS and Benghazi

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WH in CYA mode: VA scandal potentially bigger than IRS, Benghazi: ConIntel
WaPo: 1 million people may be getting incorrect Obamacare subsidies: Moe Lane
Jake Tapper blows up at WH: ‘How many dead veterans do you need?’: BPR

Is It True, Mr. Speaker?: George Rasley
Establishment Republicans Break Their Own Rules in Opposing Amash: FW
John Boehner Says GOP Wants to Deal With Immigration Reform: Roll Call

Favoring Teachers’ Unions Over Students: RWN
A New Level of Illegal Immigration Chaos: FPM
After Court Backs Gun Laws, D.C. Delegate Tells GOP to Kill Gun Bills: PJM

Jeb Bush Admires LBJ; Baffled by Opposition to Cheap Foreign Labor: GayPatriot
‘Undocumented Immigrant’ Viciously Beats Female Park Employee: Pat Dollard
Yo, Rand: 7 in 10 Favor Voter ID Laws: Hot Air


Weimar America: inflation is taking off, with no end in sight: WyBlog
White House says taxpayer-funded schools must enroll illegal aliens: Allen West
New Bill Makes States Repay Funds for Busted Obamacare Exchanges: Breitbart

Scandal Central

VA Spends $500 Million on Conference Room, Office Makeovers Under Obama: WFB
Shinseki: IG Investigation Prevents Me From Providing Info: DC
Memos Show VA Staffers Have Been 'Gaming System' for Six Years: NBC

“The Emerging Junta”: Protein Wisdom
Whistleblower Doctors Who Reported VA Abuses Suffered Retaliation: WZ
IRS Stonewalling FOIA Request of Correspondence With Democratic Members of Congress.: Instapundit

Climate & Energy

Greens Are Reds: Stephen Moore
Someone Tell the Record Polar Ice Cap It Should Be Melting: BarbWire
Emanuel's power pact could zap Chicago homeowners: ChicagoBusiness


CBS's Steve Kroft in Iran: 'We Didn't Talk to Anybody Who Believes They're Building a Bomb': MRC
Scars and Stripes: Mark Steyn
Students Shout Down Speaker at Portland State: CI

NYT reporter: Clinton supporters “flailing” on naming her biggest accomplishment as Secretary of State: Scoop
The firebomb attack (you never heard about) on a bus of Jewish schoolgirls: LI
How to Successfully Troll MSNBC’s Ed Schultz: Mediaite

New Yorker Piece Features Alleged, Actual Numbers for Abramson Pay Gap: Mediaite
Limbaugh: Hillary Clinton’s Greatest Achievement Is ‘Her Gender’: Josh Feldman
Election Expert Predicts "Tidal Wave" Landslide for GOP in 2014: ConTrib


Karl Rove, Style Substance and Success: DTG
David Axelrod Now a Laughingstock on Two Continents: JWF
Communists to convene in Chicago: People's World

White House Envoy Indyk Caught Bashing Israel at Hotel Bar: WFB
Say, Where’s The Hashtag For Pregnant Christian Woman Sentenced To Death In Sudan?: RWN
International outrage grows for Sudanese woman sentenced to death for apostasy: Fox

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

The Mathematics Of Murder: Should A Robot Sacrifice Your Life To Save Two?: PopSci
The proven way to add value: Seth Godin
LifeLock Wallet pulled from app stores and all user data deleted amid security concerns: NextWeb


How Dems Stole The 2012 Election: Western
The Myth of Prejudice: Gavin McInnes
Hidden Camera Exposes Sinister Anti-American 'Progressive' Agenda: BarbWire

Image: This Is the Pregnant Woman Sudan Wants to Hang for Marrying a Christian
Sponsored by: KENTUCKY: Fight Mitch McConnell's Lies: Support Matt Bevin for U.S. Senate

QOTD: "[Obama] Middle East envoy Martin Indyk was overheard at an upscale Washington, D.C., bar bashing Israel and fully blaming it for the recent failure of peace talks with the Palestinians, according to an individual who overheard the conversation and described it as a surprising and “nasty” 30-minute-long tirade against the Jewish state...

...“In the 30 minute conversation, no one at the table mentioned a single wrong thing the Palestinians had done,” according to the source who overheard the conversation. “There was no self-criticism whatsoever.”...

...“The staff relished how critical Indyk was of Israel in public speech,” the source said. “They laughed about it”..." --Adam Kredo

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