Friday, May 30, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Dem Luis Gutierrez helping Eric Cantor get reelected to push Amnesty

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Dem Luis Gutierrez helping Eric Cantor get reelected to push Amnesty: Hot Air
Mary Landrieu: Oh, you bet I support Harry Reid for Majority Leader again: Hot Air
Obama Flack: Hey, You Know Obama Can't Fire Shinseki: Ace

10 Questions on the Obama Administration's Release of Criminal Aliens: CIS
Great: Former Republican Senators Endorsing Democrat Senate Candidates: Ace
Obama: Sure I Suffered Concussions Back When I Never Played Football: JWF

Carney Won’t Say Whether Obama Has Confidence in Shinseki: NRO
Meet Corrine Brown (D-FL), vehement Florida VA booster: Moe Lane
Dave Brat Tells the Truth About Eric Cantor on Amnesty: VARight


Economy Shrinks 1% in First Quarter: Breitbart
Death Rattle Confirmed – First Quarter GDP Revised To -1%: Treehouse
The Real Minimum Wage Is Zero: Fred Wszolek

Congress May Mandate Paid Maternity Leave, Other Women’s Benefits: PJM
Companies Like Uber Encourage Innovation, Improve Consumers’ Lives: RWN
Piketty’s Envy Problem: Peter Schiff

Scandal Central

Shinseki: All Right, Now I'll Start Actually Doing My Job: Ace
IRS Scandal Expands to Include Pro-Israel Groups: LI
ILL-inois: $12 million paid in medical benefits to 3,000 dead persons: Marathon

DOD Memo outlines Obama’s plan to use the military against citizens: Bill Gertz
Smoking gun reveals Obama use of military against US citizens: Anthony Martin
Totalitarian Collectivism: BATR

Climate & Energy

Media outlets continue to push climate crisis scenario, and the public isn’t buying. : John Fund
Obama To Announce Coal Regulation Via Executive Fiat (Recession to Follow): Lid
DoD official: Climate change is critical to national security: GSN


Benghazi Is Such a Non-Issue That Hillary’s Democrat Party Enablers Are Meeting About It: DC
When Bushies blew a CIA cover, it was 'treason'; now, it's a mistake: Byron York
After Weeks of Leftist Harassment, Gay GOP Candidate’s Office Vandalized: GayPatriot

CBS Investigates the Latest on 'Ugly' VA Scandal Without Mentioning Obama's Name: MRC
Mass killers hold culture — and country — hostage: Jonah Goldberg
Killer's Own Words Confirm NRA's Belief: Good Guys With Guns Stop Bad Guys With Guns: TR


The Way West Point Cadets React to Obama vs. Bush Tells You Everything You Need To Know: YC
Reporters Openly Mocked the U.S. State Department’s Spokeswoman Today: Tatler
Obama's empty foreign policy vision falls flat at West Point: The Hill

Kerry: Obama Administration ‘More Engaged’ with World ‘Than at Any Time in American History’: PJM
An American’s Experience with Islamic Apostasy: Raymond Ibrahim
Howard Dean: Media Doesn't Know How To Deal With Obama's "More Sophisticated" Foreign Policy: RCP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Machines v. Lawyers: John O. McGinnis, City Journal
Hackers put security tool that finds payment card data into their arsenal: CIO
In case of a Russian invasion, Estonia is uploading its government to the cloud: QZ


Climate Change Blamed for 'Icy Reception' to Obama Speech: Cube
Let’s Debate the Logic of White Privilege: MOTUS
The America We Used to Know is Being Erased: Zion's Trumpet

Image: The People's Cube
Sponsored by: Dave Brat for Congress: Fire Eric "Amnesty" Cantor!

QOTD: "I go to Europe a lot for various speeches. I always get asked how come Obama’s not paying attention to us? I think he is. The problem is the Europeans have to change. This is not -- he can't rely only on America with a different policy. The Europeans have to understand now they're equal partners and more is expected of them. I think that's exactly what the president -- the kind of foreign policy the president wants." --Howard "YEEEHHAHHAHAWWWW" Dean

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