Saturday, July 26, 2014

8 Insane Things Put in Place by John McCain's $100 Million Pro-Invasion Spending Bill

We always knew John McCain was a kook. His anti-First Amendment and incumbent protection bill -- McCain-Feingold -- was an outrage. His lies to the people of Arizona when he was up for reelection in 2010 ("Secure the dang border!") were pathetic. His feckless promotion of intervention in Syria culminated in his glamour shots with members of ISIS. And his serial abuse of the Constitution and Constitutional conservatives like Ted Cruz and Mike Lee deserve nothing but scorn.

So just when you thought McCain couldn't get any dumber or more malicious, we get word of his $100,000,000 bill that promote illegal immigration. Consider the eight key facets of this epic treason:

1) Spends $100,000,000.

2) Asserts acts that are already illegal are now illegal.

3) Makes it a federal crime to tell someone where a DHS, HHS or Border Patrol bus carrying illegal aliens is spotted, coming from or headed.

4) Makes it a federal crime to prohibit a DHS, HHS or Border Patrol bus from moving from point A to point B.

5) Does absolutely nothing to secure the border and stop the invasion in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. These southern borders will remain wide open and the bill doesn’t address this.

6) Creates a communication channel between HHS and states about newly recommended facilities for housing illegal aliens.

7) Opens up U.S. facilities in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador for the purpose of processing illegal aliens on foreign soil.

8) Calls for 15,000 “refugees” from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador to be processed on foreign soil and transported into the U.S. this year alone.

This treasonous, reckless behavior must stop.

Hat tip: BadBlue News.


thebronze said...


Liberty News is wrong. The bill doesn't prevent people from protesting the BP Buses. The new law refers to people that try to "spot" BP buses in the furtherance of another Federal crime.

Here's what it actually says:

§ 556. Unlawfully hindering immigration, border, or
customs controls
a) ILLICIT SPOTTING.—Any person who knowingly transmits to another person the location, movement, or activities of any Federal, State, or tribal law enforcement agency with the intent to further a Federal crime relating to United States immigration, customs, controlled substances, agriculture, monetary instruments, or other border controls shall be fined under Title 18, United States Code, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

Anonymous said...

thebronze - as these agencies are assisting the Coyote in Chief in breaking many US laws requiring illegal immigration wouldn't that make every member of any agency that assists these activities subject to these fines?

What we are witnessing is the injection of irrationality into the law books, which inevitably leads to disintegration of the trust between the people and their representatives.

Executing Cloward-Piven economically would take too long - this is the new strategy.

Anonymous said...

The purpose is to destroy America, Americans and the dollar and they're doing a bang up job. Of course, WE voted these creeps into office so it's on us.

Anonymous said...

Think how much better off we would be if we had left McCain in vietnam

Anonymous said...

thebronze- the crime of spotting busses will be letting protesters protest out side of free speech zones.

Anonymous said...

When things come down, know who to put the "bead on" ... so that they can take their punishment for this.

We know who they are, and we will know where to find them.