Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Jose Antonio Vargas --- The Smirking Face of the Entitled Illegal Alien

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Jose Antonio Vargas: The Face of the Entitled Illegal Alien: Michelle Malkin
We Are All Border States Now: Mark Steyn
Immigration Backlash in Oracle, Arizona: AmPower

The Noose Tightens on the IRS: Sidney Powell
Nice: Illegals Arrive in Bus and Shop at Walmart With EBT Cards: GWP
Reckless Endangerment: NC Renegade

Lynn, Massachusetts can’t handle illegal alien swarm: FAM
O’Malley: Border kids would be in danger in ‘conservative part’ of MD: Twitchy

CONFIRMED: Senate GOP Leaders Paid for Attacks Against Conservatives: RS
Our Unwillingness to Defend Ourselves: Walter Williams
Muslim Sues Latino Caucus for Not Giving Her Scholarship: Daniel Greenfield


House GOP votes to gut IRS budget: Hot Air
Obama cut billions from home health care; both parties try to restore: Scoop
Sticker Shock: NY Family Hammered With 22% Obamacare Rate Hike: MenRec

Scandal Central

Lerner’s Old FEC Pal Under Investigation; Claims Her PC Crashed Too: UniSpec
Illegal Immigration Protesters to Challenge Feds: Let Them "Send in SWAT Teams": Breitbart
US government says online storage isn't protected by the Fourth Amendment: Nicole Lee

New emergency alert system gives Obama the power to flip switch and address the entire nation: DailyMail
Border Patrol Mutiny: Mac Slavo
Citigroup to pay $7B; settle DOJ probe into sale of subprime mortgages that led to '08 collapse: DailyMail

Climate & Energy

Carbon Scam by UN and World Bank Behind “Genocidal” Land Grabs: NewAm
"Environmental Justice": HHS and EPA Branding For Societal Transformation And Redistribution: NoisyRm
First Six Months of 2014 No Warmer Than Historical Average in Contiguous USA: Sierra Rayne


How Diplomats, Reporters and Human Rights Activists Saved Hamas: Daniel Greenfield
Dinesh D’Souza explains what happened in his big meeting with Costco: Scoop
Scrapbook Photos: Obama’s Summer Road Trips: WSJ

Where Is Obama’s Border Policy?: Charles Krauthammer
Elizabeth Warren Could Beat Hillary: Dick Morris
Millennials Desire Government That Provides All and Costs Nothing: Walter Hudson


ISIL captured 52 U.S.-made howitzers; artillery weapons cost 500K each: Times
Hamas won’t accept “calm for calm” – so I guess Israel needs to bomb harder: Allen West
Islamist Jew-haters and their leftist enablers: “The Jews are Beasts”: LI

The lopsided casualty rate in Gaza proves nothing about responsibility for the conflict: LI
Hamas Is the Norm, Israel Is the Exception: Spengler
Europe Reverts: Pamela Geller

Attacking Israel with the big lie: genocide: Jonah Goldberg
ISIS Orders Government Workers To Stop Feeding Christians In Mosul: WZ
German police fear Muslims: “I hope I get out of here in one piece”: JihadWatch

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Google's Project Zero Cybersecurity Watch: No Excuses: TNW
Comcast Rep Tears Into Fleeing Customer 'Like a Pit Bull on a Pork Chop': CRM Buyer
Google's robot dog 'Cujo' goes on patrol with the Marines as it carries up to 400lbs: DailyMail


Jesse Ventura Trial Not Going Very Well For Him: Nice Deb
Scientists baffled by gigantic 262ft hole that has appeared at Siberia's 'End of The World': DailyMail
Age in Software is Bulls***: Dave Winer

Image: SMALL LIFELESS, DEAD CHILDREN Found “Washed Up Along Riverbank” of Rio Grande
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QOTD: "[N]ow, I want to work with everybody — Republicans and Democrats — to move this country forward. But I can’t just stand by while politics threatens all the hard work of millions of Americans because we’ve just got gridlock in Washington. So what I’ve tried to do is take a range of actions this year to help working Americans with my own legal authorities — from speeding up big infrastructure projects to raising wages. I’m waiting for Congress to act, but in the meantime I’ve got to go ahead and do what I can do.

And in response, their plan so far has not been to join me and say, all right, Mr. President, you’re right, we do need to rebuild our roads; we do need to spruce up our airports. Instead their big idea has been to sue me. That’s what they’re spending time on — a political stunt that wastes America’s time and taxpayer dollars." --Barack Obama

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