Friday, July 11, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: America’s Funniest Home Presidency

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America’s Funniest Home Presidency: Stephen Miller
DHS preventing reporters, congressmen from doing their jobs: Rick Moran
Obama, the Problem Creator: David Limbaugh

Welcome to Post-America: Camp o' the Saints
Time for States to Reclaim Their Sovereignty: Walter Hudson
Gun Confiscation in NY?: III Percent

Democrat Angrily Claims That Deporting Illegals… is Illegal!: Sooper
Agitprop: WRSA
Actually, Hillary’s Wealth Is Her Greatest Accomplishment: David Harsanyi

Excelsior!: Cold Fury
Crisis at border: diseases long stamped out in U.S. back for encore!: HySci
Hey, Snotty Bloomberg: Mind Your Own Crumbling City: Michelle Malkin


Why the State and Local Pension Problem Will Get Worse: Steven Malanga
White House Rolls Out Another Gutter Ball: Jon Gabriel
Obama to Take 15-Day Vacation in August: Keith Koffler

Scandal Central

Mexico Announces it Will Fully Assist Guatemala in Flooding U.S. With Illegals: LibertyNews
Mexico’s Southern Border: It Costs $1.30 to Cross a River From Guatemala, in Full View of Police: Sooper
Donor Controversies Slam Bogus "Mississippi Conservatives": Jeffrey Lord

True the Vote Alleges "Stunning Evidence of Election Subversion," Restraining Order Filed!: ConHQ
BOOM: Federal judge orders IRS to explain lost Lerner emails ‘under oath’ : Fox
House Resolution Filed for Arrest of Lois Lerner!: TPNN


PHOTOS: Obama Laughs His Way Through Meeting with Gov. Perry: Tatler
22 times President Obama was definitely interested in a photo-op: Exam
Obama: “I’m... Telling the Truth Now. I Don’t have to Run for Office Again.": FreeLight

ABC, NBC Censor Latest IRS Outrage, CBS Gives Story Only 19 Seconds: MRC
Mark Levin on Impeachment: 'Sarah Palin Is Right': Breitbart
Class: VA Democrat Offers Reward For Nude Photos of Hunter and Texas Tech Cheerleader: PJM

It's Probably a Good Time to Give Obama an Emmy: Ace
Friday, July 10 2014; the Meltdown Begins: MOTUS
Barack Obama opines on border crisis… nowhere near where the border crisis actually is: Moe Lane


Hamas’s (and Iran’s) fail-safe strategy: Caroline Glick
Obama Talks to Netanyahu—Did Bibi Tell Barry to Stuff It?: Roger L. Simon
Hamas spokesman encourages Gazans to serve as human shields: JihadWatch

'Israel Under Attack, Obama Remains Silent': Daniel Halper
Obama calls Netanyahu, says U.S. willing to negotiate Israel cease-fire: Times
Dave Brat Slams Obama Administration on Israel: David Steinberg

Image Posted To Twitter Shows Bergdahl Smiling With Haqqani Network Commander In May: WZ
Act of War: Mexico and Guatemala Sign Agreement to Fast-Track Invasion of U.S.: Daily Dose
CAIR Steals My (Intellectual) Property: Daniel Pipes

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Researchers get record broadband speeds out of old-school copper wire: Engadget
Car thief who stole Model S in LA now counts as first death in a Tesla: Geek
Here's every Transformers robot fight scene in one video: Gizmodo


Scratch 'n Shift: RWN
This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps: Darlena Cunha
Reminder: The Charter of HAMAS: CAMERA

Image: Car thief who stole Model S in LA now counts as first death in a Tesla
Today's Larwyn's Linx sponsored by: Remember Mississippi, and FIGHT. LIKE. HELL. in Kansas

QOTD: "It’s easy for Obama to yell at the imaginary congressional boogeyman and the Supreme Court when he’s farthest away as geographically possible without falling into the ocean. That’s been his modus operandi since day one. He doesn’t become the President of inaction. He becomes Barack shaking hands with a guy in a horse-head mask.

Enabled by a desperate media, he can lament that Congress gets nothing done while simultaneously pounding microbrews, shooting nine ball and working on his handicap.

Obama doesn’t want anything to do with the humanitarian crisis in Iraq, Israel, Ukraine and more importantly, our own southern border, because he can’t talk his way through them. It would require putting down the pool cue and working with congressional leaders on how to formulate a solution together.

That part of the job unfortunately can’t be calculated by a Klout score." --Stephen Miller

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Anonymous said...

The Miller article sums up Obama to a "T". Well done Mr. Miller. You "get it". Too bad so many others don't. Obama is not only an embarrassment, he is one mentally unstable individual who should be removed from office. Is there no one on "the Hill" with the guts to do the right thing for America? Apparently not.