Sunday, July 13, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: The Democrats' War on Children

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The Democrats' War on Children: Lee Cary
Obama is Robbing the Military to Inflate the Entitlement State: LI
Check out how the Export-Import Bank is using your tax money: Hot Air

The "Office Of Refugee Resettlement": NoisyRm
Democrats demand suspension of all deportations: WZ
Coburn: Let's Verify Immigration Status of Sponsors for UACs: Signal

Illegal Alien Minors Spreading TB, Ebola, Dengue, Swine Flu: JW
McLaughlin Group: Perry Handling of Border Crisis Bodes Well for 2016: Breitbart
RNC Chair Priebus Under Fire: Jeffrey Lord

More Than a Smigden: Stephen F. Hayes
Left Pushes to Criminalize Christianity: Outpost
City pols blast anti-Semitic banner flown above beach areas: NYDN


11 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Buy With Food Stamps: DC
ICE lets contract for 42,000 pairs of oversized underwear: Rick Moran
HHS Bankrolled Catholic and Baptist Church to Prepare for UAC Invasion: LibertyNews

Scandal Central

Congressman Stockman: Not Even Boehner Can Stop Lois Lerner’s Arrest: TPNN
The Insiders: More IRS smidgens show up. ‘Perfect.’: WaPo
Boehner: “We have a system of government outlined in our Constitution” But I won’t follow it: Outpost

Climate & Energy

SolarCity: Subsidizing the Left’s ‘green’ millionaires and billionaires: Green Corruption
In apologising for having Nigel Lawson on to discuss climate, the BBC has breached its charter: SpecUK
Drought Shaming Pitting Neighbors Against Neighbors On Social Media: CBS Sacramento


‘I,’ ‘Me,’ ‘My’—Obama Uses First Person Singular 199 Times in Speech Vowing Unilateral Action: CNS
Is the Washington Post Running Propaganda For Hamas?: CNS
What’s Wrong With These Photos Proves What Is Wrong About Liberals.: NoisyRm

Harry Reid Slammed By Hometown Paper For ‘Race-Baiting’: DC
Monica Crowley on What the Left Doesn’t Want to Accept – ‘We are in a Holy War’: TPNN
SHOCK: Film Critics Hate 'America': CNS


Hamas: We are Not Terrorists; We Just Want to Destroy Israel: Gatestone
Happy News! Sea Hitler Destroyed! Israeli Missile Destroys Gaza Ark: BCF
North Korea Is Telling Its Citizens That Their Team Is In The World Cup Final: OTB

'We were incredibly stupid': Matzav
Hamas Spokesman Encourages Gazans to Serve as Human Shields: MEMRI
More Rockets Into Israel After Israeli Raid Into Gaza: ABC

Egyptians Hoping Israel Will Destroy Hamas: Gatestone
What are the genuine reasons why the FBI and NSA want to keep an eye on these men?: Robert Spencer
USA Being Fundamentally Transformed to Estados Unidos of Central America: CFP

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Advertising Fraud: It’s Time For Asymmetrical Warfare: Ted McConnell
Chinese businessman charged with hacking Boeing, Lockheed Martin: Ars Technica
45m users go Direct on Instagram: DigitalTrends


Sunday. Top Fault: Laziness: MOTUS
Obama going on vacation again as U.S. invaded: MinorityReport
Mercedes-Benz CLA-Class Review - CLA250 Sport 4MATIC: CarAdvice

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QOTD: "Anyone paying attention to the Internal Revenue Service scandal has been waiting for the next smidgen to drop. Well, two more hit pretty hard this week. At the president’s next encounter with the media, I will scream collusion if no one asks him for his exact definition of a “smidgen,” and if he thinks he has seen a smidgen of corruption yet. At this point, only the most gullible or culpable can continue to claim there is no compelling evidence in this case. Given the delays, lies and stonewalling, there is no viable argument against a special prosecutor.

In a stunning revelation this week, it was disclosed that former IRS official Lois Lerner told colleagues, “we need to be cautious about what we say in emails” and then proceeded to ask the IRS IT department, in an e-mail, “if [instant messaging] conversations were also searchable.” When she was told they were not, she e-mailed back, “Perfect.” This is a smoking gun e-mail in that it makes plain she had a cover-up in mind. There is no other plausible explanation." --Ed Rogers

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I read recently that US law requires ALL electronic communications involving government personnel MUST be saved. So by NOT saving IM/SMS type communications, the government is violating the law.