Monday, July 28, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Obama's Effectiveness and Competence

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Obama's Effectiveness and Competence: TAB
Maliciousness. Not Incompetence.: Erick Erickson
Governor Pat Quinn Urges Obama to Bring all Illegals to Illinois: Publius

Senate Hearing: Tax Credits are available for State Exchanges Only: Instapundit
More Jonathan Gruber State Exchange "Speak-o" Lies Discovered: Colossus
Boston Bean Party: Massive Protest Against Illegals in Massachusetts: Clash

Mayor in Town Besieged by Migrants Accosted by Activists: NRO
Sticks, Stones, And Thought Crimes: RWN
WI Police Chief Pleads No Contest In Bizarre Feud With Tea Party Leader: WZ

The GOP is the Party of Biden!: AWD
Halbig’s Critics Hoist By Their Own Petards: RS
District court strikes down last ban on carrying a gun in public: SCOTUSblog


Will Obama's Scamnesty Tear Apart the Democrat Party?: Bill Quick
Jewish students shown ‘photos of ovens and told to get in’ by classmates: EAG
France’s Relentlessly Deteriorating Unemployment Fiasco: WolfStreet

Scandal Central

Illegal Alien With Drug-Resistant TB Goes Missing in California: GWP
Hillary Clinton: Let Hondurans, Guatemalans, El Salvadorans Apply for Asylum from Home: Breitbart
Feds pay nearly $3K monthly rent to house poor in luxury Chicago apartments: Marathon


CNN: The Question of Whether Hamas is Using Human Shields is “Complicated.”: Leon Wolf
Benjamin Netanyahu Confronts NBC’s David Gregory Over Claim That Israel Targeted a U.N. School: MRC
Amazing video: Jon Voight slams Obama and Kerry on Israel: Matzav

Spin of the Week: Obama, ‘Coyote-In-Chief’: TR
Sarah Palin Challenges Far Left WaPo to Report Honestly About Obama Like They Did Nixon: GWP
Libya Implodes While the Press Fiddles: Leon Wolf

Guess what world leader Bob Schieffer doesn’t mention in ‘World Gone Mad’ commentary?: Scoop
If voters had it to do over, Romney in a landslide: Hot Air
Candy Crowley yearns for days of Mutual Assured Destruction: MoneyRunner

Sex Trouble: Feminists Worry That Disney Movies Are Making Girls Heterosexual: R.S. McCain
Rahm Emanuel: Illegal Aliens are Fleeing Violent Conditions, So Let’s Move Them to Chicago: JWF
Michelle Obama complains about money's influence on politics, then asks for 'fat check': Fox


Israeli Government Source: Kerry ‘Completely Capitulated’ to Hamas: Rick Moran
Hillary Clinton: I Was the “Designated Yeller” at Israel: Daniel Greenfield
MK Danon: 'We need a ceasefire from Obama's attacks': ynet

Time To Finish The Threat: Arlene from Israel
Kerry Accused of Promoting Hamas’ Ceasefire Demands, Prompted by Qatar and Turkey: CNS
Report: Hamas Used Child Labor to Build Terror Tunnels; Hundreds Killed: Breitbart

Paris's Kristallnacht: Guy Millière
Why Is the World Becoming Such a Nasty Place?: Victor Davis Hanson
Albright: 'The world is a mess': Politico

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Stingray, the fake cell phone tower cops and carriers use to track your every move: Joel Hruska
Amazon is reportedly making a Square-like payment card reader: Engadget
USAA Taps IBM's Watson as Military Veterans Advisor: eWeek


Watch the explosive first trailer for 'Mad Max: Fury Road': Verge
Cable Snaps on 60 MPH Amusement Park Ride: Gizmodo
Plano dad’s invention fills and ties water balloons in seconds: MyFoxDFW

Image: America’s Dad isn’t home anymore and we are all paying the price

QOTD: "Why do world leaders take every opportunity to set alarms and ask for wake-up calls when Israel – only Israel – hits back at Hamas terrorists? Where were those ‘moral voices’ when it came to taking timely action to prevent Hamas from stockpiling 10,000 rockets? Why didn’t UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, US Secretary of State John Kerry and the foreign ministers of the EU rush to Israel to convene a conference on how to tighten borders and close tunnels to prevent terrorists from smuggling arms and weapons into Gaza? Why didn’t they demand that no foreign aid be dispensed in neighborhoods housing Hamas military personnel? Why is there never an emergency UN Security Council meeting on how to excise a malignancy and end Hamas’s rule of terror in Gaza? Why do they never shuttle to the region to seek a way to stop the perpetrators and their funders like Iran and Qatar, but come only to put reins on the defenders? Of course it’s horrible to see images of innocent children killed in the incursion. But whose fault is that if not Hamas’s, with their sick ideology of loving death and martyrdom and their tactic of deliberately placing children in harm’s way?" --Marvin Hier


Anonymous said...

Another addition to the your great list

Layoff List:

Anonymous said...

Curious timing the avalanche of people from Mexico. It got legs during Ramadan and now that this beastly holiday is over Barry has reminded us the Muzloids have built the fabric of our society and that "service to the less fortunate" is part of the observance.
I suppose part of that observance is betraying Israel and sacrificing them to islam.
Had enough America? BHO is not one of us.

Anonymous said...

Lest anyone forget, it was Richard Nixon who when he was made aware Israel needed military supplies during the 6 day war pulled out all the stops and supplied them with an over abundance of military hardware and ordinance.

Anonymous said...

That's what Allies do 759.
I'd like to see someone study the link between Hussein's actions and the holy days of Islam.