Friday, July 18, 2014

My Simple, 4-Step Plan to Stop the Invasion of Illegals

It's really quite straightforward.

Say you're the Mayor of Murrieta, California. Or the City Manager of Scottsdale, Arizona.

Some place that's just gotten a surprise shipment of hundreds of illegal aliens suffering from unknown medical conditions, have uncertain criminal backgrounds, and perhaps even some ties to terror organizations. You know, the Democrats' new favorite constituency: wards of the state who can't speak English, are utterly dependent on government largess, and know nothing of American history, traditions and culture.

What do you do? It's really quite simple:

1. Buy a few MREs for each illegal alien along with several bottles of water apiece.

2. Immediately purchase one-way tickets for each illegal on Greyhound to the nearest, wealthy liberal community. My personal favorites:

• Bethesda, Maryland
• Cambridge, Massachusetts
• La Jolla, California
• San Francisco, California
• Washington, DC

3. Assist each illegal on to the bus, hand them their supplies for the trip, and bid them a fond adieu.

4. Open a can of beer and enjoy.

You're welcome, America.


Anonymous said...

Love it.

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, America? I don't remember saying thank you for this juvenile idea. No borders, no country; defend them or surrender. America has surrendered and retreated.

Anonymous said...

Twolaneflash: Have someone explain the concept of 'humor' to you.

Trigger Warning said...

You forgot Portland, Ann Arbor, Madison, and Boulder. Perfect destinations.

Anonymous said...

You could probably include the state of Minnesota too.

Anonymous said...

Get some 'Vote for Landreau' T-shirts and ship 'em to Louisiana, 'Hagen' shirts for North Carolina

shirley elizabeth said...

Scottsdale, AZ is a wealthy, liberal community. What's unfortunate is that it's not far enough away from Phoenix and Mesa, which is where these "immigrants" will end up, while taking landscaping and pool cleaning jobs to keep those in Scottsdale cushy.