Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Larwyn's Linx: Bracing for Amnesty

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Bracing for Amnesty: Matthew Vadum
77% want illegals sent home, 81% say it's a serious issue: Exam
Have You Called Congress About The Illegal Alien Invasion?: CHQ

Obama Administration Enraged About Israeli Criticism Of Idiot Kerry: TR
The Genocide Libel: Dennis Prager
US-Israeli Relationship In Jeopardy, Kerry "Ruined Everything": ZH

Dear Kerry-Obama: It's Terrorism, Stupid: Steven Emerrson
Obama Thanks Muslims for ‘Building the Very Fabric of Our Nation’: TPNN
Israel Supporters: Beware of Hillary: Mona Charen

Hillary and Reality: Total Disconnect: MB
Five Questions with Texas Gov. Rick Perry: U.S.-Mexico Border: AFTimes
Michelle Nunn Loses Track of Secret Campaign Plans: Jon Gabriel


Our Totalitarian Future, Part One: The Burning Platform
Obama Wants To Close Border – To Companies Leaving US: S&L
Wall Street’s Regulators Sell Out on Illegal Wash Sales: The Martens

Scandal Central

Good News: Feds Stop Boy Scouts on US-Canada Border at Gunpoint: MSReb
Semi-Retired President Played 81 Rounds Of Golf And Attended 75 Fundraisers Since Re-Election: WZ
Miami: “We are Hamas” Muslims threaten to kill Jewish reporter: Creeping

Iraqi Christians rally at White House: ‘Obama, Obama, where are you?’: Times
More Calls For a Cuomo Investigation: MenRec
Florida Doctors Refusing Obamacare Enrollees Out of Fear They Won’t Get Paid: Sooper

Climate & Energy

Mark Levin: Not Just the IRS — the EPA Spoils E-mails Too: Quin Hillyer
Oh, my: EPA document supports ~3% of atmospheric carbon dioxide is attributable to humans: WUWT
Should you trust NOAA claims about May and June records?: WUWT


American reporter exposed as distribution point for Hamas lies: Lid
Hamas harassing, intimidating journalists in Gaza who expose their abuse of civilians: Scoop
CBS's Charlie Rose Lets Hamas Compare Terrorism to U.S. Defeating British in Revolutionary War: MRC


Israel’s Moral Mission: Quin Hillyer
ISIS’s Black Flags Are Flying in Europe: Daily Beast
Major Fatah Terrorist Attack On Jerusalem Averted: Joshua

Cease the Cease-Fires: Thomas Sowell
Pelosi: Qataris Have Told Me 'Hamas Is a Humanitarian Organization': CNS
Some Concrete Facts About Hamas: BIG

Ours Is All Disgrace: Cold Fury
President Buck Passer Tells African Leaders to ‘Stop Making Excuses’: IJR
IDF finds explosives-rigged home by Gaza school: BCF

14 Ways Hamas Weaponizes Women, Children, Animals Against Israel: Grid
Obama Throws Support to Hamas Even After N. Korean Arms Deal: Sara Noble
Obama Asks For Repeal of War Authorization So U.S. Can’t Fight Al Qaeda: Sara Noble

Sci-Tech (courtesy BadBlue Tech News)

Senator Leahy prepares bill to tackle NSA snooping: Danielle Walker, SC Magazine
Facebook says page calling for death to Jews doesn’t violate “community standards”: JihadWatch
Weak Password Advice From Microsoft: Andrey Dulkin


The Ultimate Irony: Cube
The Sacrificin’ Never Ends.: MOTUS
Watch this Sri Lankan Mixed Martial Arts champion BEAT THE CRAP out of two wannabe thieves!: Scoop

Image: Major Fatah Terrorist Attack On Jerusalem Averted

QOTD: "Israel and the US are meant to be allies; the US is meant to be committed to the protection of Israel in this most ruthless of neighborhoods; together, the US and Israel are meant to be trying to marginalize the murderous Islamic extremism that threatens the free world. Yet here was the top US diplomat [Secretary of State John Kerry] appearing to accommodate a vicious terrorist organization bent on Israel’s destruction, with a formula that would leave Hamas better equipped to achieve that goal.

The appalled response to the Kerry proposal by the members of the security cabinet on Friday night, however, made plain nothing had gotten lost in translation at all. The secretary’s proposal managed to unite Israel’s disparate group of key political leaders — from Naftali Bennett and Avigdor Liberman on the right, through Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to Yair Lapid and Tzipi Livni on the center-left — in a unanimous response of horrified rejection and leaked castigation.

The Netanyahu government has had no shortage of run-ins with Kerry in the mere 18 months he has held office. The prime minister publicly pleaded with him in November not to sign the interim deal with Iran on its rogue nuclear program, and there has been constant friction between the two governments over thwarting Iran’s bid for the bomb. Defense Minister Moshe Ya’alon in January ridiculed Kerry’s security proposals for a West Bank withdrawal, calling the secretary “messianic” and obsessive” in his quest for an accord with the Palestinians that simply wasn’t there. The collapse of the talks in March-April was accompanied by allegations from Jerusalem that Kerry had botched the process, telling Israel one thing and the Palestinian Authority another, including misrepresenting Israel’s position on Palestinian prisoner releases.

But none of those episodes, though deeply troubling and relating to issues central to Israel’s well-being, provoked the kind of outraged disbelief at Kerry’s performance that has been emanating from the Israeli leadership in the past 48 hours. Leaked comments from unnamed senior government sources to Army Radio, Channel 2 and other Hebrew outlets have described the secretary as amateurish, incompetent, incapable of understanding the material he is dealing with — in short, a blithering fool.

But actually, it’s worse than that. What emerges from Kerry’s self-initiated ceasefire mission — Israel had already accepted the Egyptian ceasefire proposal; and nobody asked him to come out on a trip he prefaced with sneering remarks about Israel’s attempted “pinpoint” strikes on Hamas terror targets — is that Jerusalem now regards him as duplicitous and dangerous." --David Horovitz

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